Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time for planting

The weather can change daily on this coast. For the last few nights I had to bring in my deck plants, hoping that all this fuss will be over soon and I can continue to plant in peace. The garden by the lake is relatively small and the black covering helps to warm the soil and contain the weeds. This time last year,I already had peas growing and everything planted. This year, I haven't done much.

With night temperatures dipping shamefully in the 30's I am not sure what will survive. The birds are happy, though, and acting as though all this cold weather is normal after all. Seed packets can cost as much as $4.00 for a handful of promises from Territorial. And the plant starters are just as expensive.

Yet, the most expensive thing in the summer is water. Yes, water. Here on the coast where 100+ inches of rain drown us in the winter and spring, water is a luxury in the summer. Our town has old pipes and an ancient water delivery and processing system. We count every flush and every load of laundry, and a garden is a luxury. Ironic and frustrating from someone like me who moved up from California because I was tired of conserving water.

Spring and summer will mean digging, mixing compost, sewing and weeding, but it will all be worth it: muscles and tendons will scream for a break; bruises and minor cuts will prevent other chores from getting finished; and melliflous smells from herbs and flowers will follow me all day.

My reading and writing patterns will change. I have waited for months to play in the dirt, and I now I can finally walk out of the door with a hat and a spade and give the rest of my body a good workout. I am ready to pay the price.

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