Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

Has our committment to buiding and supporting our nation become mudddled and derailed by our suspiciousness of the very people we elect to run our state and national affairs? Have we stopped participating in open dialogue,hiding instead behind labels and safe posturing?

We have seen how a few words out of context can pin a person down in one position,for eternity. We do not discuss openly with each other what it is that we believe for fear of the BIG LABELING. Left or right. Religious or not. Patriotic or Not -patriotic enough. We are a nation afraid of labels, afraid to exercise our rights, afraid to discuss openly.

Tax day has become its own big LABEL. You can take a stand-for or against.

But,TAX DAY is another Independence Day- a stand up and count me in day- let's do something together day-for the good of the nation and future generation-day-for liberty and opportunities for all- day. Isn't paying taxes the most profoundly democratic way for us to insure that our nation prospers and creates opportunities for all?

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