Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Snow in April

There we were, dressed in light shirts and tennis shoes, for a spring weekend get-away, up the coast, stopping in Lincoln city for the first night, on our way to Portland. Easrly Saturday mornig we were tempted to change plans, but decided to drive on, marvelling at the effect of snow quietly powdering the countryside, hushing all noise and tricking the senses.

Snow in Oregon is a Christmas postcard through and through. But this was not Christmas. Blooming apple trees cringed,tomato and pepper starters suffered heart palpitations, and baseball practices were postponed.

But in Portland, canoers still paddled down the Willamette in beautiful formation. Shops put out their colorful complimentary umbrellas out to encourage people to shop. They succeeded. No snow, no rain, no chill. kept Oregonians from enjoying their city. Young and old were out all day, at restaurants, in shops, at Powell's, at REI's, at outdoor events celebrating Earth Day.

We took our cue from the natives, donning extra layers and doing what we came to do, shop and recreate in a beautiful city.

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