Monday, March 2, 2015

It's all my fault!

This is what happened:
A few months ago, our phones changed. Both phones and the mobile carrier. My husband and I have now, finally, synced phones, or what I call "no secrets" phones. He gets my calendar, I get his. He can get my emails, I could care less about his. The fact that we both have Facebook accounts we can check and transmit from, also adds to our synchronicty, or in my parlance, a day with complications. And that's how I discovered that my old Facebook account could not be synced with my new phone.

No worries.
I started a second Facebook account, and since my husband has a hand in everything, and his calendar is synced with mine, a new birthday was imprinted. How can that be possible? He has faulty memories when it comes to birthdays. His first present to me, the year we were married, was a gorgeous, expensive charm bracelet with a birthday charm in 18k gold that had yet another date than my real birthday.

The fact that I do not celebrate my birthday makes all this a laughing matter, really.

I grew up in Southern Italy, and our only celebrations were Saints' days. And Madonna's days. Since my name, Rosaria, means rosary, I could actually chose any Madonna to be my special one, as long as her portrait contained the blessed rosary.

So, when last night a neighbor with a big heart brought me a birthday cake to celebrate my special day she had read in the current Facebook page, I did not have the heart to set the record straight. Even my husband, who knows full well that my birthday is in January, after the first expensive snafu he caused, which we never repaired, I might add, keeping that charm until a home invasion occurred and every piece of jewelry was taken and who knows where it landed, even he sat quietly and ate the piece of cake that was connected to a birthday someone kind and generous came to celebrate.

So, in the final statement on this topic, it was not my fault that Facebook printed the wrong birthday on the second Facebook page. It was my fault not to have corrected it!

Mea culpa. I hope the Madonna del Rosario forgives my sin.
I hope T.h Lightkeeper, accepts my apologies and my undying gratitude for her thoughtfulness. I hope all the well-wishers will not think poorly of me. Yes. I admit.
It was all my fault.