Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama or Clinton?

It's about time I declare my support for my favorite candidate. While Obama charms and amazes me, and if he is the chosen candidate I will definetely support him, my heart and all my senses point to Hillary as the choice for us. Especially now, especially after the Bush mess.

Hillary has three things that Obama does not have: she lived through a time when her husband's administration dealt with a contentious group of people; she was always an involved individual, more than other first ladies, taking up solid issues and difficult challenges; she has the stamina and the backbone to put up with criticisms and sabotages from all sources. In comparison, Obama is just a fresh face.

There is another reason Hillary needs to win: she represents women, a group treated as second class citizens for centuries. It is time to rectify all of that. Hillary is not a saint, and she has baggage. Who doesn't? But for all those folks who think they know someone better qualified, let them stand up and be counted.

I vote for Hillary. And so should you.


Matawheeze said...

Though I'm totally weary of politics you captured my feelings very well when you wrote about your own. I'm trying to give Obama a chance - just got his book at the library - since he seems destined to win. I wish/hope Hillary could shush Bill a bit. I'll surely vote democratic in November though more and more it doesn't seem to matter what candidate the voters choose, does it?

lakeviewer said...

Matawheeze, thank you for reading my post and reacting to it. And thank you for your willingness to consider all sides of an issue. I disagree with the comment that it does not matter which candidate we choose. It matters if we are a voice, and together, we become many voices that become a ROAR!
Carry on.