Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Rules

You know who you are, navigating up and down this street.

Rule one:
If you READ THIS POST, say hi, leave a comment.

Rule two:
If you sign up to follow, I need you to wave at me now and then. I'm sitting down; it's not polite to pass by without a wave now and then.

Rule three:
If you don't have a site, how can I drop in and visit you? I don't need silent stalkers. If you want to be a silent stalker, go follow someone your own age, your own interest.

Rule four:
If you signed up and don't interact within a week, I will drop you. This is not a Ponzi scheme, you know, the more people the better.

Rule five: I can sit pretty and do nothing for weeks, or disappear from this street. You have the right to drop me. This relationship has to be mutually supportive.



French Fancy said...

It never hurts to lay down some ground rules. Getting people to obey them might take some doing though.

How are you getting on with your re-read of Faust? I abandoned it early on to go back to the reference book I have about its meaning. Then of course I had to refer to the reference book I have about the German Romantic philosophers. I'm about two days away from reading it properly from start to finish.

lakeviewer said...

You just reminded me that I made that committment. I shall stop by the library and check it out. Then, I will drop by and chat with you, if you are up to it.

It's amazing how distance, from a piece of literature, to an old relative, puts everything in a different perspective, clearer, less foggy.

Stuff that used to confound me in my youth, now feels light and fluffy. I've been re-reading Shakespeare's comedies lately. They are a piece of cake; many stories are lifted from a couple of sources familiar to everybody at the time; so, Willie didn't have to explain the entire plot; he had to remember whom he was trying to impress at the time, his sponsors du jour.

Angela said...

Good rules, Rosaria. So here I am waving at you!
I read Faust in school, and even though at the time I enjoyed Kafka more, still I understood Mr. Faust very well, his searching for truth, his pushing it further till he met the devil. Many of those lines are common citings in German language, as it it with Shakespeare in English. I wonder how it would sound translated.
You remind me that I should read it again!

momcat said...

Checking in! Sometimes I find a post thought-provoking but not comment-provoking and sometimes I've commented on so many posts that I don't even post on my own blog!

Natalie said...

Follower reporting for waving duty ma'am sir!

HI!!! ♥♥xxoo

Lola said...

Ciao Rosaria, I like the assertive tone. I want those meds!

You actually have stalkers? I have only 4 followers, I wish I could reach out to more people. You're my favorite and n°1. Sempre puntuale e carina. Now you have to update the profile photo, though!

I'm working on the zeppole recipe, I will post it on San Giuseppe... only a few days away.

A big fat wave and a gentle stroke on the old shoulder. Ciao

Renee said...

Hillarious. I see the teacher has not put down the whip. har har

Love it.

Love Renee

janis said...

Yikes! Just Breathe Janis here checking in! I love your comments and postings! Please don't drop me! I have been a little absent but now that I got the rules down, I will be on top!
Thank you! you made me laugh this morning ( :

Matawheeze said...

I don't respond well to whip cracking so you may have to drop me, my friend, though I continue to read via the RSS feed. Too often I read but am just not "with it" enough to comment.

jinksy said...

Haven't been stuck on a bus in a traffic jam since goodness knows when, so today's little escapade has been quite enjoyable. Had lots of time to contemplate the large, white space below the windscreen...sorry, picture...

CQA said...

Sorry...I'm new to blogging - and actually recently wrote a post about trying to learn the rules to this blogging game! I don't think I've commented yet, so here I am waving.

Tessa said...

I'm waving, rather sorrowfully and shame-facedly as I've not been a faithful 'commenter' on any of my favourite blogs lately. Just got too caught up with life's little vicissitudes, I guess. Sigh.

I haven't read Faust, nor am I ever likely to do so, I fear. I do, however, reread the sonnets from time to time.

Fire Byrd said...

Brilliant post, well done for laying down the rules. I think you are right some followers just put their name around and never go back.
So big wave!

Amy said...

I've been behind on reading my favorite blogs. I think I'm out of the fog and am enjoying catching up with everyone.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and waving at me! It does make one feel a bit sunnier.

I love the New Rules!

lakeviewer said...

Yeah, waving back at you. Thank you, have a nice day. Eat your veggies and hug all the children and seniors around you. I'm going for a walk with my favorite friend, Joyce, 85, a writer who is not using the internet yet. We'll be teaching each other a few things every week.

She has so much intensity and love of life. I have a super model, a dancer and a world traveler, a racconteur and a nurse.
She walked me through my latest physical problem, dropping in and advising. You folks who are stopping by need to meet Joyce and the rest of my real world.

I'll be seeing you, in all the old familiar places...

Diana said...

Scott and I are saying hello!

Man of Roma said...

Dear Rosaria, here I am then. So this is thanks to Lola, as you said.

I am sorry for the inconvenience at my blog. The theme I'm using foresees a tiny link to comments at the end of each post (second or third line, depending on the mum. of categories), not easy to spot, true, but I don’t think I can change it.

Yes, it is great fun to exchange experiences and ideas, I’ll be pleased.

By the way, I am about to reread Shakespeare too, since the Tales from Shakespeare by the two Lambs me ne hanno fatto venire voglia.

Ciao, and thanks for coming across my blog.

lakeviewer said...

Angela- I'm discovering new insights now that I have plenty of time to read. Funny how so many things are lost on the young.

Momcat-I know the dilemma. I meant stop, now and then. The rule fits for general manners, really.

Natalie-I'm not worried about your manners at all. I'm more worried about you getting enough time to rest without all the responsibilities. You're excused, my dear.

Lola- Good to see you. I can't wait to try all the wonderful recipes. How is the job search?

Renee-Not just the whip. I wish I had visuals for this lesson. I do not have your resources and your keen eye.

Janis- I bet you've got your hands full with teens in the house. I'm super happy to see you.

Matawheeze-I know this is an imposition on some people. But, I take the time to respond; I expect the same niceties.

Jiinksy- You just got a new friend, right after our introduction a couple of days ago. Glad to be invited in your world.

CQA- I will stop by and visit you as well. These rules are my inventions-the teacher in me organizing the classroom- these rules can be quite painful for working people who enjoy browsing and not being bothered to talk to anyone.

Tessa-I'm so glad to have met you and glad to share some common friends. After a while, as Angela has so easily managed to show me, we all become part of a bigger voice for causes that need a bigger shout. Welcome.

Fire Bird-you could write a PhD on the blogging behaviors. I'm just a teacher who likes to count all the enrollees. If someone has been absent for a while, I question why they signed up in the first place. I count thirty five in this small place that sells nothing and exposes no skin. So, let's be honest, here. Humans need to communicate. But, there is a cost. Our time is valuable and we must be careful of how it is squandered. On the other hand, seeing new stuff and 'shopping' for new ideas are all fun activities. I'm in awe to the generous spirit in your posts. One could easily dish out a couple of hundreds for each advice column. You do it for free!

Amy- I have entered your life and have returned to share, time and time again. I'm fond of honest, intelligent readers. (It was the reading list that got my attention. I have not finished some of the same titles on your bedside table.)

Linds said...

I am here. Sorry I have not been commenting much lately - or anywhere, for that matter. I will do better when I get back from hospital, I promise!

PS I have read Faust ansd Kafka in my time too. My nemesis is still finishing War and Peace one of these days. However, I may also decide not to bother and eject it from my bookshelf.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Hi, Rosaria, bella! Nice to know your mind - I often read, and enjoy but don't always make comments, because I tend to read at night, and my OH complains about the 'tippy tappy'! Jest saying! x

lakeviewer said...

Linds- You're excused. I've watched what happens when the body needs our attention. Stay focused on getting better. I'm just selfish with my time, these days. If people sign up, they should be present now and then.

lakeviewer said...

A Woman...I'm glad you stopped by. I so enjoy your post that I think you look like Scarlet. You create a beautiful place to sit back and share an espresso.


distracted by shiny objects said...

I just stopped by for a look/see(by way of Lola), but wouldn't feel right leaving without a comment:>) Good for you for laying all the cards out on the table.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Hi Rosaria, interesting rules... stalkers? How do you know if you have one? Do they sign in as anonymous? Hope you are well...

lakeviewer said...

Distracted-welcome. Parla Italiano?

Cheryl- Good to see you. I can only count on my friends to drop in automatically. Maybe I should device a Rule-Follower-Good Manner visitor award. Too bad I have no talents in design and visualization. Help!

Crystal said...

Present today
Maybe absent tomorrow
Still love your education system posts
Your observations are spot on
I'll come when I can - and let you know!

karen said...

Hi Lake viewing Lady.. waving from afar..(smiling, too!)

There's an award for you on my blog, today :)

Dave King said...

Like it, like it very much. What a very civilised way of going about it! - Clever too!

lakeviewer said...

Distracted...Thank you for leaving a comment on your first visit. We must thank Lola for the good food and the good friendships she is promoting. I will stop by and visit and share other good bites.

lakeviewer said...

Man of Roma- You are involved in very important work, EFL, the same work I did for many years. (Even though I started out as an EFL student here in America, a new immigrant from Italy.)

I still can't figure how to contact you more easily. My email, should you wish to come in by the front door, is embedded here for your eyes only. It means that if someone else uses it, my Mcafee firewall will deposit it in my junk-mail for me to decide. Clever, uh?

Mi piace parlare/scrivere ancora in Italiano. Pero, non conosco molti Italiani che vogliono parlare in Italiano. E quelli che possono, sono cosi eruditi e distanti, che `e impossibile di mantenere un ambiente amabile, da amici. Come pensa?

lakeviewer said...

Crystal- It's good to see you. I will have to drop in and visit with you more often as well. I got time to spare, time to reminisce, and time to research and present information. The education posts will occurr on Tuesdays from now on. Next week, I will set up an agenda/theme for each day, to give me on-going topics to delve in, and the readers a chance to skip and stop where the meal is to their liking. I'm aiming for predictability, like home-cooked meals, as well as exotic subjects, like all those tidbits that we are getting daily by visiting other people's posts. Three months ago I would not have predicted all the wonderful people out there I was going to become fond of. (Forgive the construction of these sentences. I'm still on heavy meds.)

lakeviewer said...

Karen- Thank you, thank you. We all love you. Who doesn't love visitors bearing gifts?

Dave- I appreciate your comment, especially coming from such scholarly font. Frankly, I'm tired of giving my time and energy to people who feel they can just take the gift. These are simple civilized, across nations' rules. I believe this award giving is one of those niceties that people have invented to say thank you. I'm going to be putting an award together myself, looking for graphic designers to help me out. What about that, David? Can you be talked into being my partner for this award? It has to signify civilized manners, good taste, and creative reciprocity, all in one graphic, stunningly creative image. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Well I can see what this lot like...a spot of discipline, that's what. And what I've been doing wrong. You know, the more followers you have the more difficult it is to get around to all of hem, and if, like me, you read and comment on David's Post of the Day then it leaves little time to write ones own posts. But that being said, l don't mind a few rules,'s and apple.
And a wave.

lakeviewer said...

an apple and a wave, and a spot of conversation. You made my day, thanks.

You're one of my latest acquaintances; I didn't expect you to jump in the pool and start swimming madly with the rest of the groupies. Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn about being heard, being read, being appreciated. We are definitely human, in need of long nurturing and weaning periods. It's a joy to find frindships across the waters. Unlike Europeans who can actually take a holiday in each other's back yards, meet for pastries in Vienna or skii in the Alps, or cruise on the Seine, we don't get out much. And even fewer of us will be able to afford the expenses of traveling out of the country. But, we will still fight for WORLD PEACE, AND HUNGER-FREE WORLD. AMEN.

Renee said...

Okay you seriously are so funny. I have been laughing my head off.

I love you.

You are a remarkable person.


Love Renee

An English Shepherd said...

Hi again, just dropped in to read your blog :-)

lakeviewer said...

Renee, how do you find the time to hand out such fine linens?
The ones you leave for me to ponder over are words with heart-hand-embroidered sweet violets for those days when a beautiful handkerchief will sop up tears that we keep private and hidden- so that I can blush at the compliment, and write back with a full heart. Thanks, my lovely lady who gave the title of Queen Bee. Any idea of how to create a special award, like the one I described when speaking with DAvid?

lakeviewer said...

English Sheperd-You're definitely man/woman's best friend, always waiting to greet your friends with a wag of your tail. When those folks you live with, and lend you their tools to write with, realize what a beauty you are, how easily someone like me can fall in love with you and take you home, if only she could, when they realize all of that, they will love you more and more, from all of us.
Thank you for the visit, ah, tail wagging.

Mary said...

ingenious - you crack me up! Really!!! It usually takes me about 4 coffee's, 10 chocolate biscuits and a translator to get through your comments alone. I swear I am going to get a handle on your site. I still get the feeling that I am missing something - based on the comments you write back to people in your comment section. I'm an educator for goodness sake - this shouldn't be so bloody hard.

Oh my lord - I nearly forgot to wave. Here I was walking right past you mumbling away. Sorry! Oh let me make it up to you. from me to you - A wave, a smile, a little chat - what the heck - why not put the kettle on (half strength skinny flat white - no sugar - ta.

In case you are now cross eyed - I too am on meds!!!!!!

debra said...

Ok---here is a stone (o) to let you know I was here. You can come see me by clicking on my name. How's that :-)

lakeviewer said...

-It is reasonable to be confused by all the inside jokes going on among the comments. For instance, I talked about Renee and how she named me Queen Bee. Now, nobody would know that unless they had followed Renee's comments. My talking about her linens, her handkerchief, how I might use it to hide my tears, it goes with REnee's grave illness, her fight for survival, and how friends like us feel about that. See?

It is only clear if all the pieces are in front of you. The fact that my English is neither American, nor British, but a version of both, comes from learning English as an adult. I came from Italy to go to college. I learned technically correct English/American, not the common slang, but academically appropriate vocabulary.

Now, thanks for the invitation for tea. I can use a spot right now.
How lovely of you to invite me over.

lakeviewer said...

Debra- I tried to leave a comment on your site- a potter's wheel and a whole bunch of stuff for making clay products. Is that why you left me a stone? I accept just about anything. What I want to know is, how did you find me? Curious.

Jeff B said...

I noticed you signed in on my followers list and then removed your name. What rule is this?

david mcmahon said...

I really liked the subtle touch of the rear-view mirror in this image.

And you put a huge smile on my face with your comment ....

``David, you're funny, well-traveled, fully employed, generous and endowed with good manners and strong bones. What you are missing is real groupies. Wait. No. I was wrong. How many? And you still go out and visit some unknown, out there on the Western Territory?

Saint. That's your new title.''

.......... Dunno about that. I'm just a bloke who is happy to help. Simple as that ......

lakeviewer said...

Jeff B- Very good question. I want to remain on sites that appreciate my input, my carefully articulated responses. If I don't hear from people, I will drop off. Fair? I will rejoin your site as you made the effort to inquire. Good for you, and for me, too.

lakeviewer said...

'just a bloke who is ..."
Sure you are!
Wait. What's a bloke?

My abbreviated dictionary doesn't contain this word. I'm guessing from its 'saintly' juxtaposition, means 'ordinary'? The only other people from Australia, via India that I can compare you with might be Salmon Rushdie? No. He's not Australian at all. More Oxford type, via India. BTW have you read his latest, "The Enchantress of Florence"? (Something like that. I own the book, in another part of the house, too cold to rummage in at this time of the year, at 11:35 p.m, ungodly hour.)

You must just be waking up down under. One day, you must tell us about the mythology of Crocodile Dundee, and the whole idea of putting shrimp on the barbie.

Anonymous said...

just saying hi, cause I popped in.

I think the rules are extremely rude and will not be back.

why dont you say something interesting and then people might stay and talk

Mary said...

Oh me, Oh my - how rude was that little anonymous person. I happen to be a really good (well I show potential at least)Private Investigator. Would you like me to track that rudie down and bop em?

Now, the reason for my new comment. I just wanted to correct you on something you said in your retort to my comment - I was inviting myself around to YOUR place for a cuppa - nice try luvvie!

A bloke = A man (usually in the sense: the typical ‘man on the street’, an ordinary, down-to-earth man, often stressing manhood in a very physical sense)

In my experience a bloke tends to have a bit of a beer belly.

so, there you have it! Two waves in one day.

Does that secure my place on your favorites?

Mary said...

Did I just say favorite? I meant follower.

lakeviewer said...

Anon- Welcome. In a democratic society, we are most open, (except during the last unfortunate administration) to different points of view. I welcome and respect your right to state your opinion without my becoming Jon Steward and tear you apart.

Except with Cramer, on the last show, because Cramer and the rest of the network's conduct toward duping its public into believing that their point of view was God's gift to creation.

There, wasn't that more civilized? And I didn't have to hide behind the curtain to say what I needed to say.

lakeviewer said...

Mary- You are among my most favorites. As a teacher we have many pets, usually the smart ones who are conscientious and hard working. We want the best behavior and examplar work from all. But, there is always one or two who will test our good patience. No matter. We carry on.

Sometimes, we ar a bore. Traditions are our flags. We pass on what is best in our culture, worth preserving and insisting it doesn't get trashed.

Now. Look at the marvelous discussions we are having without naming Jesus, Allah, Buddha or Kierkagard.

For the most part, we can stand on time-worn good manners and know that these will survive because civilizations depend on strong foundations.

In Blogland, we are exposed to all winds. We can be blown off our perch easily by dark forces and hurricane-like self interests. Those who survive do so because, like Dante, Virgil, Homer, Shakespeare and the rest of the Western canon we are familiar with, our thoughts cannot be about pleasuring this day, or lighting the narrow path of one night. Our thoughts must be nurturing our souls.

Mary, thank you for being patient with an old school marm. The rest can leave their seats and never return. Let them seek elsewhere for wisdom and peace. And may they find these.

Kikit said...

hello. i'm obedient. so i'm saying hi. but i enjoyed reading the rules. :)

Renee said...

Oh my God....

I am so laughing so hard that I was slapping the top of my desk with my hand. I don't read comments except the ones you write to me, but this caught my eye as I was going down, har har har.

'just saying hi, cause I popped in.

I think the rules are extremely rude and will not be back.

why dont you say something interesting and then people might stay and talk'

You must have been killing yourself laughing, I was rolling over and now have a sore stomach.

God, I love you, you really are too much.

Okay, now let me go see what you said to Dave about an award and I will be right back.

Love you and thanks for the best laugh I have had in ages.

Like does this person really think you could give two shits.


Renee said...

Sorry, I was just interrupted by my son, can you believe that?


Renee said...

Queen Bee it is me mini-bee.

I just saw your age by the way and you are magnificent at 67. I will be 53 on the 28th and if I could ever live that long (won't happen)I would love to be as wise as you.

Okay now on to the award.

When I get awards, which I like because I never got any in school, I do not follow the rules, I do not even say who I got them from or forward them, because it is just too time consuming. However, I like getting them, and always thank the person who gave them, but I do not resend them are mention it on my blog, I just put them on the site.

I think the most important part of any dialogue is common courtesy which of course we know is not common at all anymore.

I will let you two great thinkers put your heads together and then I will beg both of you for the award.

Love Renee

French Fancy said...

I'm impressed with the amount of comments you got about your rules. It seems people like to be guided by a strong hand

Natalie said...

Rosaria, this is too ,too funny! I have been cacking myself. A bloke is a man, a guy. David is a good bloke - a good man.

I am glad someone said something about manners as I was getting annoyed by it too.

These comments are absolutely hilarious.

Jeff B said...

I was glad to see you linked back up again and appreciated your response. Thank you.

It's a rainy, blech kind of day outside today, so we are in fact heading out to the movies. Going to see "Race to Witch Mountain". I sort of doubt it's going to be a blockbuster by any means, but with a eight year old in tow, it should fit the bill nicely.

Mona van dijk said...

I think you really have a problem,who do you think you are?

lakeviewer said...

Good people, let's put this to rest. We have shared some ideas and while we may disagree on some details, we do agree that common courtesy is important in a civilized world.

I thank you for your return visit and your sense of play/humor without which life would be too hard: My favorite songs to you from my favorite singers: The Comforters. Check them out;

Now, as a disclaimer, I will tell you they are related to me. If you like them, fine. If you don't, fine too. We don't have any rules on this.

Here are my dedications:


French Fancy- Lucy

Natalie-Lazy Sundays

Angela--I want to rock


Lola- The Call

Janis--Would it break your heart

Ladies, enjoy.

The rest of you, I shall return with your list in a jiffy.

lakeviewer said...

Additional dedications


David---Driving Off Edge of World

David King----Strange Demo

There are still a few of you without dedications today. I shall return with more goodies. Enjoy!

lakeviewer said...

To those of you who do not like rules: You are either too young or too self-sufficient to need anybody or any praise. May you go in peace and prosper.

Aliadelaide said...

I love this post.
And here is my wave smile and introduction.
My good friend Mary mentioned it when we were taking your advice re what to do in the weekend. We went to a movie.
I only have 4 followers but only one who regularly comments(ie Mary)which makes me wonder why people say they are following you.
I didn't used to allow comments at all but now that I do it hasn't altered the number of people who visit.
So I'm wondering if people are scared away by my Catholic stance...but then two of my followers who doesn't often comment is Catholic.
Ah well examining my motives again maybe I'm trying too hard, my writing is for a too exclusive audience or I just plain can't write!
Ah well I started blogging as a family online scrapbook...maybe I should just keep on plodding along doing what I'm doing expecting nothing.
Life gets so darn complicated doesn't it!!

Man of Roma said...

A me piacerebbe scrivere il mio blog in Italiano, ma preferisco un dialogo cosmopolita, lo trovo più stimolante. Non sono un EFL teacher, e nemmeno un ESL. Ho fatto vari lavori nella vita, insegnante di lettere in ruolo per molti anni (letteratura e storia antica), poi ingegnere dei sistemi informatici per altrettanti anni (un totale di 30), e contemporaneamente musicista e giornalista. Quindi professionalmente non so chi sono, ma certo il periodo passato con gli studenti è stato il più bello.
Mi dispiace che tu non riesca a commentare. Ho ricevuto quasi 1500 commenti, quindi forse dovresti riprovare lol. Non ho capito bene la questione della e-mail e non l’ho trovata. Ma ti scrivo qui.

Sì, c’è una tradizione seriosa tra gli intellettuali italiani che sa di antico, di torre d’avorio. Distanza tra intellettuali e gente comune, come al tempo dei romani. In fondo il tema del mio blog è quello di cogliere gli elementi di continuità (più che di differenza) con un mondo antico, quello greco-romano, che mi affascina.

Ciao, bel blog! I’ve been a lurker for a while. Now I’ll comment here and there (even old post.)

By the way, I’m also fascinated by the mysterious workings of the Italian culture transplanted in the New World.

lakeviewer said...

Uomo di Roma:

Benvenuto di nuovo. Io preferisco Inglese a Italiano perche l'Italiano `e una lingua che la parlavo cinquanti anni fa. Non mi ricordo tante parole; e nemmeno come si deve construire una lettera. Questa `e una opportunita per me di practicare, di trovare memorie e di provare a scrivere.

La cosa `e che mi piacerebbe ritornare ancora all'Italia.
Tutti gli emigrati vogliono essere cosi uniti al passato.
Tanti di noi abbiamo lasciata la patria per i lavori,per l'educazione, per le opportunita.

Ho ancora fratelli e zii, anche tanti tanti parenti in Italia. Ma non ci scriviamo piu. Se i miei fratelli potrebbeno usare e-mail noi tutti faremo una riunione.

Questa `e una delle millione di ragioni per non rimanere 'connected'

The other ones, they're are the stuff of stories and novels I'm working on. I now use English exclusively. My husband and children do not have any connection to my motherland. Only, I still feel the pull of family and traditions.

I'd love to continue talking to you about these topics and more. Let me know if you are interested, and if so, how best to achieve our communication ties.

Glad to have met your acquaintance.

Man of Roma said...

Of course I'm interested in keeping in contact with you! Our communication ties can be established through our blogs first, since my blog is devouring me and I cannot stay before a computer all the time. I can comment here and you can comment there.

Naturalmente ho anche degli indirizzi e-mail, questo per esempio:

E’ commovente come tu sia rimasta legata ai ricordi del tuo passato italiano. Devi essere venuta molto piccola negli USA. Un caro saluto dall’Italia e da Roma!

Man of Roma said...


For example, why don't you post a comment to my last post? It is ben a proposito, being about the Italian roots & the New World, a theme that, as you can see, it is dear to me. My blog is in fact about all concerning the roots. Ciao Rosaria!

Lori ann said...

Here I am Rosaria, better late than never I hope!? I put my name down as a follower with every intention to return regularly. I'm afraid blogging took on another life for me since becoming, well, given attention (more than I ever wanted or imagined!)
I love your rules and I love the way you asked for common decency. I have great respect for you since my education is only of the slumdog variety.
take good care,

Ribbon said...

Hello I read a comment that you left elsewhere which led me here today.
I can respect your need for rules so here I am leaving a comment.

I must say that I am a fan of that old saying "rules are made to be broken."

Best of luck and best wishes Ribbon