Sunday, March 29, 2009

The World is getting smaller.

David at authorblog noticed this post: POTD

Thank you, David for your generosity.

A couple of weeks ago, someone was kind enough to award me the sisterhood Award:

Thank you Natalie.

Since January, my world has expended and threatening to spill over. What used to take me fifteen/twenty minutes -write a post and scuttle in and out of the Internet- now can easily use up the entire morning. The only thing that stops me is hunger. I rush to read posts first thing after I wake, before I had my coffee, addicted to the activity of expressing some thought, or reading others'.

Two hours later, hubby brings me coffee and he sits down in front of his computer. When one of us begins to grumble, one of us gets up to prepare breakfast. It is now ten. We are still in our pajamas. He on his forums; I on my blogs. We stop to eat and put the news on, briefing each other on any commitments we might have on the calendar. Rats, we exclaim. Do we need to go out again? Can't we postpone that doctor's appointment or physical therapy or...?

Blogging and Forums are convenient ways to spread our reach into the world. It is not the same as face to face; but it is still a social activity. I know more personal details about Natalie, for example, in a week, than I know about my own daughter, who is Natalie's age, but is not keeping up her blog for her family's sake. I'm actually enjoying being grandmotherly to many young folks out there. My own grandchild is quite busy, calls seldom, and when we talk at my insistence once a week, I'm never quite satisfied that I know enough about her. I want to know more than she is willing to share. Ironic.

Some people approach blogging as a parlor game, showing off a certain skill, being polite most of the time. We could tell each other apart perhaps by the grammar and vocabulary and tone we use. Most of us tend to be sweet and nurturing most of the time.

My husband frequents various topical forums, where the subjects discussed are oiled and fried, sauteed and dished out with plenty of accompaniments. Too stuffy for me. My Tuesdays' ramblings on Education are beginning to sound stuffy.

Someone ought to study this phenomenon, this created circle of friends that seems to attract like souls. Someone ought to. Not me. I'm done with homework. Thanks for getting to the end of the post and the week still in one piece. Thanks for your responses and encouragement, too.


Lori ann said...

Yes, i'm nodding my head up and down in recognition. I have to push myself away from the computer to get anything done in the mornings, It's so easy to sit there for hours! But what fun heh? traveling the world, visiting friends at the tap tap of a few buttons.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

You are so right, so well put. It's a giant mosaic of styles, attitudes, beliefs, information, soul-searching and more... Honesty is important when I read and write blogs, and I think it is for you too.

There is a little award for you at my place today. Now get dressed!! ;-) x

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Ooops just scrolled down... you already have it x

Lola said...

You're telling me?! I spend so much time blogging that I fear my life is being neglected. So I make up for it frantically puttering by the stove, baking up new ideas and scuttling off only when babe says: "Enough computer, let's play."

But I love it, the interactivity of blogland is astounding. And you, my Petrarch, my Maestra have seen me through the beginning. We walk together "a braccetto," learning our way around. The world IS getting smaller. And prettier now.

Lola said...

PS: I agree, forums are not my thing either. Ciao

Natalie said...

You are welcome. xx♥

momcat said...

I wish my daughter would start a blog so I could find out what the heck is going on in her mind and in her life!

Susan said...

Oh, you put it so well. Exactly!!! It is like souls attracting.

janis said...

Oh I so agree! I know I am on this too much! But much interest has grown and I have more to "follow" so now I take longer to catch up.
My 20 yr old daughter started a blog. I love to read (she keeps it private, but let me in). She doesn't write often as she is at college & works. But when she writes I beam with pride, I love who she has become. She said she loves checking mine daily. It is her connection every morning with home. We do still chat nearly daily too.
Have a lovely week!

Helen said...

When I sit and ponder .. I often wonder what draws me to certain blogs and their owners ~ why I stray away from others. For me, it's the writer who has a way with words, who can paint pictures with them alone (though I love photos accompanying posts!) I am drawn to men and women bloggers closer to my age ~ and bloggers who 'take me out of myself and trigger a new way of looking at something' ... folks who inspire me. I also love to visit folks from other countries for a glimpse into their worlds. Glad you liked my new hair do post ........

Anonymous said...

My daughter started my blog for me last August and I can only say that I am constantly amazed, moved, astounded and bewtitched as I read the many and varied posts of people who have become dear to me. I don't want to sound mushy, after all, how can I truly care about someone I shall never meet, but care I do, and it fulfills me, incites me and frustrate me in equal measures.
Love the image of you and husband in pyjamas on his and her computors.

Fire Byrd said...

I fall out of bed into my dreadfully scruffy dog walking clothes, walk the dog and hit the computer. Some days just for a moment if i'm going to work. But others I have to peel myself away to eat and drink.So somedays I don't end up getting clean and properly dressed till lunch.
But I wouldn't swop it, I have made so many wonderful friends blogging. And found out so much about myself.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ah yes, I know this phenomenon well. Started with one or two bloggers - and then it grew and grew and grew until it got totally out of control! But it is wonderful, isn't it and as much as I keep telling myself blogging really needs to fall away or slip down the priority list (as it does occasionally) I still find I keep coming back!

An English Shepherd said...

I have to fit in enough spare time for food, walks, barking, naps, more food and more naps ... ;-)

Linds said...

Me too. I am now supposed to pace things. Take breaks and alter what I do every 30 mins. I wonder how long that will last! I am back, and will be around a little more from now!

SJW said...

Very well described - thank-you.

I still struggle with wanting to spend more time in blogland, but simply not having enough of it.

Always enjoy your posts when I do drop by.

Anonymous said...

When I started blogging just a few weeks ago, I had no idea that I would make connections, or even want to connect. I has snuck up on me, the loner. You are right, people are amazing.

Woman in a Window said...

It's a real evolution, blogging is. I know I've changed a great deal since I've started, on-line and in my life. Made me all the richer, I'm happy to say.

Amy said...

Sitting down with my hot chocolate in the morning to read what my fellow bloggers have to say is like sitting down with friends to hear what's on their minds.

It's a nice way to start the day because I always come away from the experience a little richer for it.

Angela said...

I so agree with you, Rosaria, and with all your nice commenters! It is surely so that like minds are drawn to each other, and there must be many, as each one of us has her or his own circle of friends, and when I just visit one of THEIR friends, I feel caught and enjoy reading that one, too! Someone should write a research paper on this phenomenon, you are right! I have found real close friends in blogworld, and I have learned so much about myself that I never knew or admitted before, and I am surprised that others open up to me as is certainly something NEW! Call it globalisation of minds, or a common voice, a choir of the well-meaning? I am watching it with amazement and pride. And Rosaria, I also think it is GOOD that "we" have someone who can put these feelings and shared thoughts into words, as you can. Thank you for being our maestra!

Saretta said...

Yes, that's the way the life of a blogger is. All that other stuff (in my case, work, children, cooking, housework...) sometimes feels like it just gets in the way of blogging! :-))) I am trying to cut down my blogging time, but as with any addiction, it ain't easy!

Ribbon said...

That was great. You covered what a lot of us doing... having a great time exploring.

best wishes Ribbon

PS Congratulations on your lovley awards

Aliadelaide said...

I guess its keeping things in balance...while I've got to know some wonderful people through blog land I still ponder how well I truely know them, how well they know real are we all being...It would be so easy to "set up" an ideal of how one wants to be known...where as face to face that may not be so easy.ah well I'm rambling...need to start schooling,"talk" lter!

Renee said...

I was like 'where's my Muse, I need my Muse'. Whew, found you.

This is such a wonderful post Rosaria -- you could have described me. Actually maybe you were, since I try to be like you.

And just so you know. I really was 'where is my Muse, I need to contact and touch my Muse.'

And like always, you never disappoint.

I was at the hospital all morning yesterday, I get pamidronite once a month for a couple of hours it is for my bones.

Love Renee

Angela Recada said...

Very true. I also find myself in the blog world for what I think is only minutes - but when I look at the clock, often hours have gone by!

trousers said...

Well it's taken me longer than I intended, but finally I've made my way over here to say hello - and to see a post about blogging, which ties in with the logic of what brought me over in the first place.

I like your thoughtful style of writing, and I shall be back at some point soon.

Renee said...

Rosaria you are what I admire about women.

Intelligent, caring, compassionate, beautiful, fun, witty, brave, and have a strong social conscience.

Love Renee oxo

Mervat said...

It is ironic that we can share some of our most loved, most memorable, most thought about moments on our blogs for all the world to see yet find difficulty talking about these times with members of our family. I love your blog and many others like yours with whom I share a certain 'something'. With thanks to you my new and dear friend.

lakeviewer said...

Lori ann- I can't believe you make time for all of us. You travel with your heart.

Reasons--Thank you for the previous award, and thank you for the joy you bring to the conversation

Lola--you are a quick study, indeed. Congratulations for all the friends that you are making in blogland.

Natalie--I wish I lived near you, so I could relieve you once in a while with child care, giving you time to catch up on sleep. Hang in there; they do grow up.

Momcat-Yes, that't the way it is; we tell strangers things that we can't tell our own family. I always wished that my children would have teachers and other adults they could confide in when they were too proud or too scared to bring their problems home.

Susan--Welcome to a beautiful community of bright young women who trust their own instincts and find ways to grow everyday.

Janis--You are a lucky Mom. You're close to your girls and they trust themselves. Don't be surprised though, that they also need distance, a chance to keep some secrets from you.

Helen--I agree, the writing, the way people weave their tales, the honesty and integrity of the writers, all these things are attractive. Isn't it fun to travel without leaving home?

Moanie, I had resisted blogging for years. I thought it was a waste of time. Now, I'm totally hooked.

Fire Bird--I expect you know the reasons why we find a sense of community in blogland. Maybe it is the sense that we are not alone; that people do act the same way all over the world; that we are all fearful of the same things.

Nicky--It's good to see you. I look forward reading your post from a continent I know not. Without your blog, there is no Africa in the conversation.

An English Sheperd--you must be getting outside more often with the new season aboard. Good to see you're growing up strong and smart/

lakeviewer said...

Linds-welcome back; I don't expect you to be blogging for hours yet. Soon.

SJW--I tried to sign up to follow your blog, unsuccessfully. I must return and try again. WElcome

Atthetable.._welcome to the new addiction. Relax,the bug is all over.

Womanin a window- I love coming in your frontdoor, our your window, read wonderful poems and stories;don't stop.

Amy-chocolate and coffee, tea, a cup and a laptop; life is good.

Angela=I have you to thank for bringing me into your circle, with introductions and warm welcomes from day one. You've set the bar.

Saretta--WE don't know how people can balance life when blogging can be done 24/7. During these last few weeks, when my meds kept me up, I still found lots of posts I had not read.

Ribbon--Thanks for visiting/ Isn't it fun to explore?

Aliadelaide--Aren't we all a bit crazy to be so open with each other?

Renee--Your muse? No. It's the other way around, my friend. I'm learning to live a full life listening to you, watching your zest for life, your truthful insights, your bright spirit. Muses run in company of Muses.

Angela R.--WE are finding out this blogging is like a time machine/space eraser/soul finder.

Trousers--Thank you for stopping by.

Mervat--Isn't it ironic that we can be close to stranger, closer than our own families?

Thank you, good folks, for taking the time to share your thoughts.

karen said...

I'm late here...still catching up madly on 4 days' worth of blog reading! I know I spend far too much time blogging, but I absolutely love it, and you only live once, so why not!!

Dave King said...

Your home arrangements sound ideal to me. Don't worry about stuffy. There are worse adjectives to get yourself lumbered with.

Man of Roma said...

I recognize some of my life and blogging activity in this post, the actions of the day, the pyjamas, the breakfast, the excitement of writing and reading and virtual dialogues among people who share something, though coming from faraway places.

I’m in a phase of my life in which I’m starting to retire and all this is getting more and more important. It gives a rhythm to my days. Maybe I’m a bit stuffy, Rosaria, but this perception is relative after all. The extent and cosmopolitanism of this dialogue surprises me and I’m getting worried it could end for some unknown reason.

Someone ought to study this phenomenon, yes, but not me neither, I’ve seen too many blogs on blogging, web sites on how to build a web site and so on. Instead of studying blogs, I just prefer to blog.

Renee said...

Muses run in company of muses. I love it.


Delwyn said...

Good morning Rosaria

I liked this post,

I am learning all sorts of new things from all different corners of the world; of the homes and lives and of the psyches of my friend bloggers.

I have map of the US open on my desk so I can identify where my friends are writing from and feel a little closer to them knowing where they are.

Speaking as a bit of a recluse and an introvert, these connections allow me to have more contact with others and also to share something of my inner workings, that is perhaps encouraged by anonymity.

There are a great many benefits and it sure beats watching TV or shopping as a past time.

Man of Roma said...

What hit me in this conversation is parents and children getting to know each other better through blogs. I understand I’ll never have this joy with my 2 daughters unless I cut out with this mania of the Romans and start a totally different blog, possibly in my language. I wish I could read my father’s blog and he could read mine. But he died when computers were just starting.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the blog world is a strange place. Are we friends? I know you, yet I don't know you. I know what your childhood was like, yet we have never met. Strange place, indeed.

Debbie said...

Came over from David's authorblog since you got a shout out from him. You are right about this blogging business attracting different types. Interesting read.

jinksy said...

This great long list of comments/answers I've waded through, is the reason I chose to 'go behind the scenes' with emails! No one has to read all the blog owner's replies as well as original comments, interesting though they may be; when you haven't 'met' the commenter before, replies are a somewhat obscure.
You hit the nail on the head though, Lakeviewer, blogging rules! Congrats for making POTD.

Eddie Bluelights said...

I came over from David to congratulate you on POTD. I am a new boy on blogging; started in January, yet I am amazed already at how many contacts I have made and how we get to know each other. I enjoyed your post very much and it is very relevant to how I feel about it all - but it takes up a lot of time! I'll drop back again soon if I may. It's very slow getting it all going though. Eddie

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congrats on the POTD award from authorblog! What did I do before blogging? LOL!

Tessa said...

I started blogging with the rather grand idea of recording my thoughts, reminiscences, paintings and photographs as a kind of memoir for my daughters and their children when I've fallen off my perch sometime in the future - or maybe tomorrow, who knows. I certainly never dreamt that I would 'meet' such a diversity of quite staggeringly wonderful, talented, erudite, witty and interesting people. It was a most serendipitious revelation and I'm thrilled to bits and pieces. I've learned and laughed and, yes, loved all the way along this blogland journey so far - and I know there will be many more adventures along the way.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Rosaria, I am the same way most mornings. Get up, start the coffee, put on some pants, T-shirt, & sneakers, brush teeth, pour a cup o' joe & turn on the computer to see who wrote what today! It is such a lovely way to begin the day... checking in on friends here & there, seeing what is on another's mind for the day, and of course seeing what you all have to say to me. Who would ever have thought this would bring so much joy & interest?

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Oh yes... congratulations on all your awards. Very deserving, yes indeed!

Anonymous said...

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veach st. glines said...

First time here. Enjoyed much of what I've read...and I absolutely agree with what ed said in the previous comment, too.