Thursday, March 12, 2009

Intermission: End of Act I- Obama 's Educational Agenda

I will continue to pursue the topic of education in the next weeks. Since the topic is dense with layers of facts and interpretation, I will break the topic up into various aspects. In between these posts, we'll wander in other directions, observe other sights, integrate other interests.

Once a week, on the same day of the week, EDUCATION will return as the theme of the post.

Meanwhile, disclaimers :

-I hold the chairmanship of the local Board of Education. My opinions on this post are strictly personal, and in no way represent the position of the Port Orford/Langlois 2cj School district.

-The Board meets in open sessions with published agendas and invites the public to observe all of its deliberations, and participate in decision making. In addition, board policies are available on its website to be accessible at all times.


Fire Byrd said...

I shall look forward to these discussions then. I am chair of a board of school governors in my town. I am passionate about education, although I've never been a teacher in a classroom, but am definately one as a therapist.

Natalie said...


Sounds like a plan to me.I will be interested to see where you go with it.

Good for you.xx

lakeviewer said...

Fire Byrd, Natalie,

Thanks for visiting. I had to blink twice when I saw the prompt comments. Then, I realized you are awake and already running around in your neck of the woods.

It is early, early morning here. It is 3:00 a.m. There is a reason I'm up. The pain medication for my bursitis, (yes, that's what I have) can send me to sleep in the middle of the day and keep me up most of the night.

CQA said...

As a public school teacher for 25 years and the parent of 8 children, education is a very important issue. Looking forward to hearing your perspective...

Mary said...

I shall be back to comment. I just have to get my thoughts in order. Expect a thesis - lol

lakeviewer said...

CQA- Great to have you on board. We could all pitch in with our stories and personal lessons.

Mary- Check every Tuesday for a while. We can exchange notes on how each country is doing with educational issues.