Monday, March 9, 2009

What to do.

If we don't hurry, we'll miss out. Now is the time.


Let's just follow this crowd. They must know what they are doing.

Besides, doesn't shopping make us feel great?


Chairman Bill said...

Crowds rarely know what they're doing, unless they have a general in charge, at which time they cease to be a crowd.

Natalie said...

It must be a bargain! Quick, shopping elbows on.......CHARGE!!

Thanks also for the music tip, Rosaria.xx

Dumdad said...

Don't be a sheep!

P.S. Thanks for popping over my way. I don't know how one signs up and has followers (red faced with shame after two years as a blogger!)

karen said...

i keep on "losing" my comments! Just wanted to say, i enjoyed this post immensely! where is this pic taken?

Dave King said...

Yes, I'm very worried about you following the crowd!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I always find Italian (and Japanese) tourists to travel not in twos and threes, but in chattering, clattering crowds - Are these tourists, LV?

SJW said...

Maybe a bus that's driving into those distant hills is about to leave...?

Lovely pic though. Am guessing you're on holiday. Enjoy.

Renee said...

Dear Lady, I believe that when you dream you are dreaming it usually signifies a person's emotional state. Maybe you just have a beautiful emotional state.

Meds definitely affect dreams, big time.


lakeviewer said...

Dear friends,
This is in France, somewhere, last September, our honeymoon trip that was finally taken after fortytwo years of marriage.

And yes, France seen like this, on a bus, off a bus,translated and brochured to death, looks like any street in Europe.

But, for honeymoons, this was a wonderful suspension of disbelief.

Fire Byrd said...

This looks life France or Italy, so I'll definately follow cause they might just go near a wonderful cafe for breakfast, that I can stop off in.

jinksy said...

Luckily there will always be someone who will choose to go in a different direction.

Anonymous said...

I was sure that was taken in France and those must have been tourists because the French usually know exactly where they are going.

Thank you for the visit.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Thanks for returning my visit! Great to make friends with another bloggy educator! I loved yesterday's post ...but this one is equally beautiful...I'm wondering where you shot this...It looks like Italy...between Rome and Florence or Milan ... Ah, I see now's France it anywhere near Nice? Beautiful place ...definitely looks like wine country! Sounds like you needed some at the end of the "grueling" tour! Ha! Cheers!

Renee said...

Dear friend thank you for your wonderful comments to me today. Isn't funny that no matter how old you get you still want to hear nice things. It is not that we need them, it is just nice to hear them. xoxoxo

marc aurel said...

On your interests you list languages. Which ones? As to shopping I prefer strictly commando, as my son calls it.

Debbie said...

Oh that herd mentality! I have partaken of it numerous times:)

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I hope you are feeling better. Take care of that shoulder out there in the crowds!

Mary said...

It's time for me to be honest - here goes! What? I don't get it - and it is driving me nuts!!!!! Are your posts cryptic? Are they snippets from a larger conversation you have on another site? What am I missing? I want to be part of this - let's see? hmmm - crowds? shopping? followers? sheep? what?

I'll think of something clever and witty and intelligent - any old day now.

Till then - must go - the crowds calling.

lakeviewer said...

Mary- yes, you did miss a piece of the conversation: I've been on medication for the last week and a half. Anything I say is suspect. You have excellent instincts, my dear. Don't let a half-nut like me mess with you.

Chairman Bill- Oh, yes, we need a general.

Natalie- You need to get out and shop, by yourself. I miss that, not being able to drive at all since the injury,

Dumdad- go to blogger site and ask for help on getting the gadget added to your site. I still need to learn basic functions as well; but I like to teach others the little knowledge I possess.

Karen- your new picture is lovely. Thanks for dropping by. This picture is somewhere in France. France was photographed with a camera phone. We stopped at every shopping center looking for a replacement battery for our camera, or a rechargeable chord. No such luck. The phone camera wasn't too bad, I thought.

David- My husband says the same thing. He blames himself for this aspect of my personality.

AWONI- These were American, Brits, Canadian and Australian tourists. I'm nowhere in this picture.

SJW-Yes, on holiday in France, last September. Our fortysecond honeymoon, actually.

Renee- Oh I wish it were true. I have all kinds of dreams; all kinds of days and nights.

Fire Bird- thanks for stopping by. And yes, they ought to go to lunch at this point.

Jinsky- Yes, we do have those choices, don't we? Thanks for stopping by.

Moannie- France, they carry on, ignoring the tourists, unless they are trying to sell you something.

Sniffles.._all these Medievl towns look alike, on hills, narrow streets. After all, who had dreamed of carriages yet? There is enough room for sheep.

Renee- We need to hear that we do matters somehow. We still need the compliments; I need them, yes. I am most appreciative because I'm not used to good comments coming my way. In my work as an educator, I had to be very attentive to give mostly supportive criticism. People, like plants need constant nurturing.

Marc- My first language is Italian. I grew up in Italy where Latin and French were taught early on for years. English followed and became my primary language in my adult years. On the way, I picked up Spanish. One of my good blogger friends is from Germany, and I'm enticed to learn a few words in German too. I read that your education was eclectic and you have lived in different countries too. I bet the more we blog, the more we reveal.

Debbie-Herds gave us political clout. Let's not underestimate them.

Cheryl- You, like me, have two different names. My first response is to call you Lizzy. You should tell us how the name of the blog came about. Yes, I ought to be more alert. Please read the next post and let me know how you see things. Thanks.

Mary-I'll finish where I started. Thank you for stopping by. REad my next blog. I'd be interested in your comments.