Monday, March 16, 2009

The view from the top

Looking at a town from the top of a mountain gives us clearer outlines, a cleaner sense of the interaction among people, their jobs, their environment and their history.

Looking from a distance of 65+ years one can see areas that have become congested, neglected, and abused. One can also see beauty never seen before.

Descending back to our corners of the world, we know what needs to be done at fever-pitch immediacy. We see the waters surging and destroying levies, winds toppling trees and shattering structures. We have seen; and we can't remain silent.

We can join to clean roads, build bridges, shovel dirt, teach children, feed the hungry,
interdependence made obvious, the runoff from one farm into the other, the struggle of the fish to pass the damns and return to spawning sites.

On Mondays we will deal with Governance , from issues affecting this hamlet, to the status of the economy in Oregon.
On Tuesdays, we'll address educational issues and what the current administration hopes to accomplish.
On Wednesdays, our backyards, rivers, forests, ports and natural areas will be featured.
On Thursdays, communication ,media , status of knowledge gathering, status of newspapers and reporting of the news will be featured.
On Fridays, the arts, music, painting, photography, movies, and all other aspects of culture will be reported.

For the weekend, we'll shoot the breeze, try new recipes, learn a new language, garden, take a trip, share stories, throw a party, go shopping for hand-made goodies, or just do nothing.

This is quite ambitious work I plan to undertake. I will attempt this pace for one week, then evaluate the results. The areas that receive the most comments will probably survive and become regular features. Those that struggle might become victims of the marketplace.

Last week I dedicated some songs to my regular visitors. I hope some of you dropped by , and listened for your song. Let me know if you liked my choice for you. The trouble with giving gifts on line is, you never really know if people received them, or worse, if they liked them at all. I promise, I will not send you empty-handed...........................................................................................................
With such an agenda, visitors can drop in when they are interested in the topic.

As of today, the number of regular visitors exceed the number of students in a regular classroom, even college courses. It's hard to know you well if you don't raise your hands, ask questions and wave at me now and then. I tend to walk around, stop by your desk/blog and ask questions about your interests. We are all adults here; we know when we need to take breaks, drop out, or divulge more immediate and necessary information. Let's enjoy the journey.


Lola said...

Grazie Rosaria, your reflections and topics are so stimulating. I have always found kindred with folks who were more mature than I. Hanging out with wisdom I believe rubs off. And reading your posts does that to me, I feel more grown-up, more rational, sound.
Onto frivolous weekend activities, I missed the music tip! What happened? I shall peruse the website you link to and report back. Vale, malgrado il ritardo? Ciao

lakeviewer said...

Lola, check the website, and choose your own song from the free download list. You may have to go to Extras- which will take you to Myspace, then listen to the music and download the freebies.

Pia and Jason are my daughter and her husband. This is a shameless promotion; mea culpa.

Sarah Lulu said...

Lovely music, I did check it out!

Natalie said...

An enjoyable post, Rosaria. I see you have yourself organised for the week. Good job! Thank You for my song, a lovely gift.x

jinksy said...

What a generous soul you are! x

Lola said...

My your daughter and son in law are so talented! The tunes are relaxing and perfect for a stroll on the beach, my thang these days. Complimenti! E pia รจ un nome bellissimo.

Renee said...

I am totally signing up for the classes. xoxoxoxo

Hope I have stuff to add. Try stopping me.

I went to the song site and I loved the song but how do we find out where or if you dedicated us a dong.

Love Renee

Bella Sinclair said...


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