Saturday, January 24, 2009


We all played this game as children. On the blogs, it is played this way:someone tags you, you talk, you tag six more people.

Crystal from Be The Change you Want To See tagged me. Here are my

1. I have visited every state in the union, lived in three of them for more than five years and Oregon, where I now live, is my favorite. The other ones were California and Florida. I much prefer cooler weather and less humidity.

2.I still have not fulfilled one of my life's ambition to become a writer. This is my last frontier, a task that keeps me hitting the keyboard every morning at six. Because of this hunger in me, I've become more humble and patient with myself, forgiving and encouraging as well.

3. When I first came to this country as a teenager I thought all of America was like California. When we lived in Florida I realized that there are many Americas, many different strands and cultural pockets.

4. When I was seventeen I could speak five languages. Now, I barely remember Italian, my mother tongue, and totally forgot French and Latin. If something is not practiced, it is lost.

5. I finished my bachelor in four years, majoring in English. Considering that I could barely speak English when I first arrived in America, it was a major accomplishment. To those people who work with children from other countries, my advice is simple, show them that you care. They will learn English faster.

6. My wish is to travel in every continent. I have just begun.

Rules for this activity:write six random things,link to the person that tagged you, post the rules,and tag six more people.

The people I'm tagging today are:

1. Matawheeze
2. Cheri
6. Ruth

Good luck, and hope to see your ramblings soon.


Angela said...

Thanks, Rosaria,I will get back to you in a little while. I still feel weak, and when I get better I`d first like to post the story of my Russian friend. But soon...

Tyler and Melinda said...

Hi Rosaria,
You read my blog through Crystal (Be the Change You Want to See) and made a comment. Crystal is actually my mom. My husband and I are living in New York where he is finishing his medical degree. We are both from Canada, but have been out exploring (and studying) the world the last three years, so have only been to our homes as visits the last little while.
I see you're an avid traveller as well, but I must encourage you to head north and see some parts of my homeland. Both Alberta (where I grew up) and Nova Scotia (where I reside when back in Canada) are beautiful and worth a visit. Nice to hear from you.