Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday was twentyfour hours of celebration and national pride day. Even non fans were polite and respectful, amazed at the national outpour of goodwill and cooperation. We all need him to succeed. We all pray that this feeling lasts for a while, long enough for us to learn to work together and solve problems together.

Are we over our Obamania? No! We are celebrity worshippers. Especially celebrities that remind us of where we all came from, the struggle we all faced to achieve a modicum of success. Celebrities for us represent possibilities and hope.

We'll discuss his speech at lenght today. We'll find hard copies and keep them for our grandchildren. We'll memorize a few lines that resonate with us. We'll reassure each other that we made the right choice with every choice that he makes from now on.

Watching Michelle, the girls and the rest of the relatives, reminded us that every man comes from a family, that the family will be there in the most intimate moments when he can blow steam and admit to doubt and despair at trying moments.

President Obama is already at work this morning. We all should do the same.


Linds said...

I too sat here, together with millions all around the world and watch the inauguration. And even though I am not American, I was ready to follow him, eyes on the horizon. He is just a man, but has such awesome challenges ahead, and I too am praying he can really make the enormous challenges work. For all our sakes. I have hope.
Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment. I will be back to read more!

Matawheeze said...

I watched all day yesterday and despite my reservations about the possibility of REAL change I found myself hoping. People talk but will they do the work and make the sacrifices? It will take more than just throwing money at it to set the economy right. And so many of us are addicted to "quick fixes".

Ruth said...

I feel a shift. I feel a change within myself. Listening to what he did on his first day of work, I felt even prouder than yesterday.

If you want a real treat, check out his white house site:

The man is going to have a transparent administration.

family affairs said...

So far so good Lxx