Saturday, January 24, 2009

Playing Along.

Thanks M. from for going along with the tag game. That's today's rambling thought: how we end up playing in the big playground called life.

I think most of our early decisions in life were to please somebody, our parents, our friends, our special someone. We were loved and appreciated when we were pleasant, cooperative. Our teachers' comments on the report card, plays well with others, were appreciated. As parents, we were happy when our little ones had friends, were invited to play and party, were popular, didn't give any trouble.
We are socialized to get along with others.

Most people I have fired were not incompetent, they were hard to get along; they broke rules they didn't like, and were difficult in groups. The organizational goals could not be met by these people. They will continue to have trouble because they look at getting along as a sissy game.

Well, it isn't a sissy game. It is a very important civil game, one that allows us all to cleverly reap many benefits. By cooperating, we build relationships and alliances that will ultimately give us all what we need. In this case, a bigger audience. Six times six, with one post, one stroke.

Let's play.


Renee said...

This was a great post. Many times I have met the people you describe. The ones who think they are marching to a different drum. But those are different people entirely.



lakeviewer said...

It's good to hear from you again. Thanks for stopping by.