Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jobs, jobs, jobs

People are beginning to move out from our small hamlet. Local schools keep tabs on who checks in and out, and they report steady decline, even more than they had anticipated back last June, before the economic downturn, before the news of economic troubles hit the nation.

California, south of us, has worse problems, slashing its state budget,forcing employees to take unpaid leave. In effect, all state workers in California will be taking a 3%-5% cut in wages and benefits. Unions are going to fight these cuts as unfair labor practices, as the pressure to save jobs and prevailing wages mounts all around us. Most folks remember what Reagan did to the traffic controllers back in the 80's and they are ready to fight back.

Everybody expects cuts to occur. But nobody expects the new administration to trash contracts and destroy union memberships. The temptation will be there for corporations and municipalities to stay solvent by all means. We hope that human rights and workers' rights are not slashed as well.


david mcmahon said...

Hi .... just a quick note to say that I tried sending you this email but it bounced back.

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``Thank you for that wonderful comment.
I was brought up by wonderful parents who taught me the greatest gift was to pass on knowledge, not to retain and guard it jealously.
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family affairs said...

Thank you for your comment and advice - it is always great to get a different perspective on life! Lx

Angela said...

Thank you for your comment on mine, that was very nice! Good idea about the Rotary clubs. Where are you from originally?