Friday, January 23, 2009


The blogosphere is full of interesting people with open hearts and generous spirits. I am surrounded by good-will and good-intentions all over the world. It is a new sense of universal causes that brings us all to the dialogue. A new world order.

I thought about how quickly I was linked up with people. One person responds, another finds a link, a third returns to tell me the first one sent her over. This is changing all the formulas. None of us are selling anything, or showing off any other wealth except the wealth of concern for the human condition.

I've been thinking that we could come up with a universal cause that we all push and connect, a cause like world hunger. How could we possibly live among so much abundance and tolerate HUNGER?

That's my proposal. Let's wear BROWN, the color of the EARTH, and add GREEN for clean air, and a touch of BLUE for clean water. Let's draw a banner, a pin, a scarf to wear and to wave. Let's SPEAK OUT- with one voice.



Crystal said...

Yes, hunger is totally something to work to eliminate. Have you investigated Compassion Internatioinal? They are working to help children in poverty, which includes providing some meals at the child center, in Jesus name. I love the opportunity they provide for a sponsor family and a child to correspond with each other.

You asked me about subbing - I left full time teaching for a number of reasons, one of which was the desire to spend more time with our grandchildren and our families. So I am loving that part immensely! I like going in to a room and leaving at the end of the day - sans marking, report cards, program profiles, phone calls - you know all the stuff! We have moved to simplify our lives and subbing fits in nicely. I also like that I have many chances to help friends by subbing and don't have to work evenings or shifts. So - life is good :))

I look forward to reading your tag soon!

lakeviewer said...

I guess once a teacher, always a teacher. When we retired I ran for the local school board and worked for SMART (start making a teacher today). These two keep me busy and around children and teachers.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mary said...

Thank you for popping over and giving me words of encouragement. It was very much appreciated.

I like the idea of bloggers coming together for a common cause - maybe you should suggest a date when as many bloggers as possible will wear the colours and actively do something on that day to decrease hunger (even if it is one person) - and let's do it.

lakeviewer said...

I'm still hoping for more responses; but you are right, we must now wait.

Renee said...

This computer and the systems they run are very powerful.

I was shocked last year that for the first time ever they reported that there are more overweight (I'm one of them) people in the world today than starving. Isn't that horrible. I always thought that there wasn't enough food.



lakeviewer said...


Overweight people might be malnourished,or unable to obtain time and medical care to deal with their problems. What is available for people to eat on low incomes who spend their days in jobs that kill their spirits and pay barely enough?

I think we are talking about the same thing.

I work a problem directly, from what I encounter daily. As a teacher I saw children whose main meal was what the school provided. And you know how cafeteria food is. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...