Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Errant Thoughts on a Spring Day

I have a need to throw a party where people sit and talk with a glass in their hands, catch up with each other's life, reestablish contacts.

Spring does that, takes us out of our shells.

April and Easter and warmer days beckon us to stretch out and lazy on for hours.

I miss the egg-hunts, the sunrise rituals, the people watching days of my youth.
I miss crowds and shops and corner cafes.

I even miss narrow streets of shops, crowded sidewalks, tiny spaces to park.

I have space now, more space than I need, more space than I ever dreamed of.

I miss museums and cultural events. I miss dressing up in my fineries.

I miss traveling, visiting places, meeting new customs.
I miss getting lost!

And you?
What do you miss today?


Unknown said...

I miss my Mom and Dad. I miss Easter Sunday brunch at their house; twenty of us having ham and eggs and muffins and catching up on each other's lives and kids with Mom and Dad. It's been 38 years since Dad left us and 27 since Mom died. I can still see them working as a team to prepare a brunch fit for kings and welcoming us all with love.

Sarah Laurence said...

It does feel like people come out of hibernation. I miss friends who live far away.

Diana said...

I've been missing my grandparents lately...even dreamed of my grandfather this week, and it's been 10 years since he passed. I was so fortunate to know all 4 of them into my teens, and I still miss them.

I also miss the people I love who are scattered throughout the country, mostly west of here.

So in a nutshell, I'm missing people, both far from me, and passed from this earthly plain.

Terra said...

That is cute to point out that spring is like coming out of hibernation and gets us wanting to socialize. Are you going to throw a party?

Helen said...

I miss my mother and father, grandmothers and grandfathers, close friends far away and those who have passed away. I miss my two sons living in different States and I miss the rituals and happy times of my youth. I love your word 'fineries.'

Fire Byrd said...

I miss my parents and grandparents and those childhood Easter lunches. And this year I'll miss my eldest son who is off sailing. And really Easter will just be another weekend with my youngest doing his own thing. So i'll miss their childhood and the egg hunt I always did for them and the excitment of their aunty and cousins coming round for lunch.
But I won't be sad cause being on my own is fine.

Tess Kincaid said...

I miss my kids sitting on the kitchen counter, as we colored eggs.

I took a nice long spring walk today and it helped chase the cobwebs away.

Brian Miller said...

i dont know...i am right in the thick of it with a 5 and 7 year day i will miss...

potsoc said...

Here, in flat Longueuil, I miss my Laurentian hills and the friendly people living up there. But I have all my children and grandchildren right near me; so, somehow, it's not as bad as it could be.

Lyn said...

I sense a little homesickness for your motherland.

I can also feel the tug of spring fever nudging me out of hibernation. It is indeed the season for reconnection and socializing. And I think this upcoming Easter weekend is the perfect opportunity.

xxx said...

I'm always missing something :)

I often miss big city life as I now live in a tiny city and like what you have mentioned I miss all those things that go with big cities.

I miss friends who are alive and well but live on the other side of the country.

That's enough missing for today :(

Happy Spring and I hope you are soon to be doing all the things that you miss.

love to you
Robyn x

shabby girl said...

I miss my kids. I miss seeing their faces laughing together. They live a state away.

I miss the ocean, the cool salty breeze that meanders in off the water.

I miss the trees, the giant redwoods, with the early morning sun filtering through the scraggly branches.

Thank you for reminding me to gather those friends to talk of spring hopes. :)

Unspoken said...

I miss airplanes, and airports, and foreign language all around me. I miss my whole life being in front of me and the feeling that everything is still a possibility. I miss who I was when I was young. Yikes, I sound like a downer :)!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Let's just say it. Spring inpires.

Woman in a Window said...

Rosaria, I love that photo of you with a drink in your hand...even if it is only water perhaps. It's your lean, your engagement. I wonder if you speak with an accent. I wonder what conversation would fall to.

I've sat here a very long time and can think of anything that I'm missing. That's not such a bad thing.


ds said...

Yes, the ritual dye-ing of the Easter eggs, and then hiding them--inside, outside--for her to find...

Cloudia said...

I miss changing Fall leaves...

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Natalie said...

I miss the people, who taught me everything that is good about me.......
But most of all, I miss the freedom to spend time alone with my thoughts.

Shadow said...

i miss the sound of the oceans in my ears... and long walks through dark forests...

LadyFi said...

You're so right... spring does bring us out of our shells and a smile to our faces. Thanks for the reminder.. Now all I need is spring herself!

rjerdee said...

I miss my grandsons whenever I go to the beach...we always go together in December. Miss my kids but we'll all reconnnect in a month and have an entire summer together. I miss my "northern" friends but we'll get together this summer. I miss our condo in the city.

Rosaria Williams said...

Hello friends,
You reminded me of more things I miss! Also, you reminded me of all I've been and all I've gained.

You reminded me that we are fleeting through life's moments, never truly savoring each morsel.

You remind me to seize the day and celebrate life.

for this day
this moment
life's small miracles
people who touch us
thoughts that start the flow
of actions
that change conversations.

Happy Spring to you!

Eva--I miss my Mom and Dad,and the entire group of loved ones who will never be with us again.

Sarah--I miss friends and colleagues who touched and changed me and will never know how much.

Diana--grandparents, yes; they probably cherished you so; and told you how joyful you made them feel. Grandchildren are those rose gardens that we tended for decades finally in bloom in all their glory.

Terra--I want to be out of hibernation for parties and futzing around. Yes.

Helen--Just when life got easier for us retirees, all the good people we know are scattered around and can't quite get together all at the same time. I feel splintered.

Fire Byrd--children grow up and grow out of our reach too; we miss who they were, who we were when they were little and our world was whole.

Willow--Yes, the pleasurable moments of coloring eggs, designing special ones, making a mess just for this much fun. We were masters of the concert then.

Brian--Absolutely! One day, you too will miss these days. And they too.

Paul--My husband missed his Northwestern trees all of our married life, until our retirement. I know now what he meant. We had to visit Italy for him to discover what it was that I missed all those years. Now, we both miss our kids scattered to the winds.

Lyn--Yes, you read me right. It's time to reconnect.

Robyn--Yes, we'll always miss something. Time to destract ourselves with preparations and memory making for the little ones.

Rosaria Williams said...

Shabby girl--I understand these things. If I moved again, I would be dreaming of this ocean that lulls me to sleep every night.

Amy--Would I believe I miss my work? I do! Big time! I miss the engagement, the problem solving, the excitement of coming up with actions. And I too miss the me I was. When I look at pictures of the younger me, I was absolutely gorgeous and didn't know it. I miss that innocence.

Journaling Woman--Spring and blogging! Having these conversations is most inspiring.

Erin--There is Pinot Gris in that glass, a favorite wine of mine. I have a slight accent, my husband says, a European lilt that makes me appear cultured. You are in a good place when you can live for the moment.

ds--the egg dying and hiding: all fun, all surprising. The fun part was watching our children's faces.

Cloudia--you're looking to cooler months, I guess. I suggest you travel this direction and spend summers here in the cool 60's all summer long. Then, you'll miss your warmth.

Rosaria Williams said...

Natalie--Yes, you have no time, and you have to be the one propping everybody up. Your time will come, only not soon enough.

Shadow--oceans, must be tough! Nothing is more inspirational and soothing to the soul.

Lady Fi--thanks for the visit. I think of your land as in constant winter. Spring thoughts to you!

Becky--I'm gathering you are transplant. Having summers together with grandkids is grand. You'll be plenty busy!

Thanks, everyone.
Happy Spring.

the walking man said...

I miss being able to just walk away from everything and wake up finding myself a hundred miles from where I was last week.

I miss my friends the oceans and the mountains and am so tired of the swamps of troubles and molehills of problems that people seem to find.

Reya Mellicker said...

I miss having you here to enjoy all of the things you miss. We have them all here on Capitol Hill.

There is such a reminiscent quality to spring, isn't there.


Reya Mellicker said...

<3 = a heart. Not here in the comments section of blogger, but elsewhere on the internet.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lord, you have described my day today! I'm delivering Easter goodies to friends, eating lunch at a corner cafe... with Edward... and baking babkas! I just hope I don't get lost.

I do miss wearing hats on Easter. When I was a little girl, all the women wore hats on Easter Sunday. Big, flouncy ones with flowers. Now that I'm old enough to join them, no one does it anymore!

I also miss my father, who always showed up on my front porch the night before Easter with a gardenia for me to wear. Gosh, I do miss him.

Diana said...

Your way with words is so beautiful Rosaria, thank you. They ground me today, when I really need it.

RNSANE said...

I miss working and having a professional life and making a meaningful contribution to forensic nursing. A whole year after my job ended, I am still bereft and sad about the loss of this in my life. It's not only the work, it's my whole circle of friends in the field - attorneys, law enforcement, social workers, to whom I can no longer relate.

Cheryl Cato said...

I'm sure there are things that I miss, but I don't dwell on them. Usually, they are fleeting thoughts of friendships, traditions, family. That's not to say I don't think of these people or things often, I do; it's just that I have brief, lovely remembrances of them daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It's interesting things that bring on a thought; it could be a scent, a sighting, or just a feeling.
Enjoy this spring weekend... and peace be with you.

Nancy said...

I will miss watching littles hunt for eggs. I will miss being with my family this Easter. Instead we will dress up and go to a fancy dancy Easter brunch at a restaurant right on the Lake. I'm sure it will be very nice, but a picnic with my family would be better.

Polly said...
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Polly said...
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Everyday Goddess said...

I'm feeling pretty happy. Today.

Marion said...

Rosaria, today I miss the good health I had most of my life. I took it for granted until I had back surgery a few years ago and was messed up forever. I miss walking miles and miles without pain. I miss walking to the mailbox without pain. Blessings to you!

Lisa said...

Lovely post. Where were you living lakeviewer? Was it in Italy? Which small town? To me Italy is the most romantic country, for true love, not romance for lust.

I am learning not to miss anything of the past but to move on and dream of the future.

What About The Girl? said...

Yesterday, there was a religious procession in this small town where I live.
There was the priest, sacristans and slew of churgoers walking towards the church. It is not quite the same as we have back home. But I do miss this practice of tradition.
I miss seeing the black or white lace mantillas over the women's head. It seems so mysterious.

Have a blessed Easter!

What About The Girl? said...

Sorry I misspelled churchgoers

Vagabonde said...

I miss my children away in other states. I miss speaking my original language and never hearing it spoken ever. I miss my own town of Paris and all the things to do there. I miss my friends in France and San Francisco. I miss having no friends in this town. I miss the intellectual stimulation. I miss the understanding and tolerance for other religions than Christianity (or no religion) that Europeans have. I miss the freedom we have in Europe. I miss people who value more happiness in life than money. I miss real international news on TV. I miss people with a sense of humour.

SE'LAH... said...

I try not to miss but it's only human. I do miss loved ones who have gone home but their spirits keep my heart warm.

Great post.

Fragrant Liar said...

I miss what I'm apparently missing out on -- all those travel pics! That really is what I'd love to do: travel a whole lot more.

Your water views are spectacular. I'm glad it's spring too. Finally, I can get out of the house. Till it gets too hot, that is.