Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Capitalism is alive and Well

On the radio this morning, the impact of this Health Care Bill was discussed: how  insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, small businesses, doctors and hospitals will fare under this new legislation. These are the  main points:

1. insurance companies will insure an additional thirty millions people.

2.pharmaceuticals will sell more drugs than they ever have.

3. small businesses will have support to insure all their employees.

4. doctors and hospitals will not have to absorb the many patients who come in at the end of their ropes when they are at their worst, needing expensive care, and costing the system lots of money. People will now come in for regular check-ups and preventive care.

You know all that fuss that was made about how capitalism was being attacked by this bill?
Capitalism is alive and well; money will be made and commerce will expand.

Didn't stocks go up on Monday?


Tabor said...

You and I know this but it is amazing how many people are in denial about all of this because they DO NOT want to believe it. They like the fear story better.

Anonymous said...

An excellent summary of the situation. This reform will be fantastic for the USA and its people - almost makes me want to come back and live there again :o)

ellen abbott said...

Why do they think that people will come in for preventive care just because they have health insurance? Believe me, if I have a high deductible so that I can afford premiums, I will be paying premiums and STILL have to pay for the doctor visits. If it's impoverishing me to have to pay premiums, you can bet I won't be able to pay for the little preventive care visits. As it stands now, I have no insurance and I pay for my health care. I am lucky that I have not had anything terrible. I can manage to pay my way for my ailments...hypo-thyroid, high cholesterol, osteoporosis but not if I had to pay outrageous premiums. People think that this is going to make premiums more affordable (and what is that exactly?) but I don't believe it. It's just going to further enrich the insurance companies who still will refuse to cover tests and medications and hospital stays that the doctors order. Insurance companies are still going to act like they have in the past. this changes nothing.

I am for health care reform. I'm not afraid of the cost. I just don't see how this changes anything.

Eva Gallant said...

I think things can only get better with this bill.

potsoc said...

Of course this bill stopped short of universal health care...but it's better than nothing. Sad that Virginia is taking it to the courts. With your Conservative stacked Supremes, the bill is in danger. Your fight is not over.

Brian Miller said...

its a great start...i imagine we will be hearing about it for a while...

Snowbrush said...

And I have a blogger friend (Creekhiker) who is going to lose her insurance between Blue Cross is raising its rates 30%. Yep, the capitalists are doing okay.

Fire Byrd said...

It has never made any sense except to the money makers that so many people were not able to have insurance.Even though it's only 7 votes it's 7 votes the right way.

becky at abbeystyle said...

Yes, the stock market seems to like what's happened. what are these sour "armageddon" people thinking?

Rachel Cotterill said...

So interesting to read your thoughts on this. In a couple of years I suspect everyone will have forgotten there was even a controversy....

Anonymous said...

I am a city boy from a low income family with a High School Education that left home at seventeen.

I started working seventy hour weeks and kicked in every door that may have an opportunity behind it. I got a sales job and worked my butt off to out sell everyone, you then get a managers job from there and you teach others to make a good living. People around town hear of your success and offer you bigger management jobs and you make more money. You help your wife take over a family business by putting your life’s savings on the line, your balls in a vice and your own family’s welfare at risk.

NOW IT GETS FUN: The government taxes you more money than you actually take in that first year of business. The government takes .61 cents of every dollar you earn from there on. The government calls you the greedy rich guy and they do it so often that your fellow citizens agree and they post stuff like tax the evil wealthy to pay for others. So after you have sacrificed and worked your whole life and donated more money to good causes then some earn and create jobs and wealth for families by all means come beating on my door and tell me I owe more for another government entitlement program, after you have vilified me for working hard for the last thirty years and asked for nothing along the way.

I agree, I should pay more in taxes than most but let me show you some examples. I will round off in lower numbers so you may understand: If I make a hundred thousand dollars and you tax me 23 percent I owe twenty three thousand dollars and if you earn thirty thousand dollars and you are taxed the same twenty three percent you owe sixty five hundred dollars. I pay more no problem. But why should you pay twenty three percent and I pay thirty nine percent?

When I die the government will tax my estate fifty one percent of my estates remaining money that they have already taxed when it was earned. Now since most of my business assets are in real-estate my children will have to come up with that in cash that does not currently exist by taking out loans and putting our 387 employees and their families at risk of loosing their jobs if my children can not cover the loans to repay the re-taxed money.

So yes by all means I should pay even more taxes to pay for yet another entitlement program so that the ten percent of the American population who does not have health insurance can have it while the other ninety percent of the country who does will soon get less coverage. Let me show you why this will happen: We provide good health insurance for all of our employees and their families but here is a glimpse of their future. Our business is in a very competitive market and as soon as just one of my competitors tells their employees that they can no longer afford to offer health insurance to them and they will have to take the government insurance “and they will”. Our competitor will now have a huge price advantage in the market so we must follow suit and now our employees can enjoy the government’s coverage also. “Do you really think it will be better coverage? Social Security is giving out IOU’s Medicare is broke, the Post Office needs to cut a day of delivery to help them make it.”

Now a lesson in real time: My wife just said maybe it is time to sell the business. So when this little experiment of the government in taxing us evil rich guys is done maybe someone other than the government will still be left to create jobs and help make life better for other families.

God Bless America
But I quit
Not a Republican or a Democrat

Nancy said...

You're absolutely right.

potsoc said...

What anonymous wrote are the arguments used by our doctors when universal health insurance was created over here. Now, though a few are still longing for the private days, most are fighting to keep the universal insurance.
Our business men clamoured also, but long since they pay a lot less for fringe benefits and the emplyees are not the worse for it.
That USAers are overtaxed, that the tax system is unfair, I can agree with, but the solution is elsewhere: reform your tax system.

Reya Mellicker said...

Well said, Rosaria!

That photo is truly gorgeous!!

cheshire wife said...

Anything that involves spending money is good for the economy!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous name is Mark he is anonymous because he does not have a blog.

My arguments are of fact not the lies of a politician on either side of the fence. Capitalism is not well and good it is on a life line. Just ask your local builder, car dealer, small business owner how he did last year.

No one over there or here will ever give up an entitlement program once they have it who would? Not a great argument. Medicare and Social Security is great but it is BROKE not a political argument a fact.

These programs always kill jobs little know secret the government attached a student loan take over to this same health care bill, this will shut down at least 300 private jobs in my town alone.

A government take over of insurance is not the answer and unfortunately it was so obvious. Open up the state regulated competition each state only has a couple of health insurance providers and you can not shop health insurance out of your state if you do not think they are not controlling cost you are very naive. Tort reform is very easy if you sue a Dr. and loose you should have to pay the law suit.

The insurance companies are out of line no arguments fix it! I am not being cold hearted but for every tax they levy on me I will have to hire less people unlike the government I must show a profit to exist. This bill is not a free ride the cost is to me and other employers. There is a huge cost and it is jobs in a country that has a ten percent reported unemployment rate. It is actually 17%

You can not keep spending money you do not have. Have you seen what is going on in California? There is no free lunch; US businesses pay the highest taxes in the world the well is drying up.

Repair insurance no argument, but please open your eyes folks. There is a cost to everything it is a law of nature.

If your family has a twelve trillion dollar deficit do you come home one day and say Honey I have a great idea “Lets spend more?”

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Capitalism is more than's an athlete on steroids.

lakeviewer said...

Thank you everyone for your visit.

This bill is a start.

It is not complete nor universal. Our government is going to look at how we can improve the bill and seriously reform both the insurance industry, and the health providers. WE need to look at who makes the big bucks over the back of people.

Do we want government to impose laws and regs? You bet!

Just as we need the government to regulate food production, police, any and all services and products that affect our health, safety and general welfare.

How is it that we do not oppose spending money on the military, money we do not have, but we cannot provide minimum support for families in need of health services?

We are not a great nation without strengthening our health and general welfare.

Do we want more taxes?

It's naive to think that we can get things without paying for them. Under the previous administration, upper income people have been blessed with tax cuts and fewer regs. Now, they see that this cannot continue.

How do you think so many corporations got out of control?

No individual wealth is worth having in a country with homeless, sick and ignorant people. Let's forget the political rhetoric. Let's just buckle down and do the work that brings all of us a better life.

America has always been known for its inclusive policies, its generosity and charitable heart around the world. What a shame that in our cities we have people who are homeless, sick and unable to provide for their families.

Let's come together to solve our nation's troubles. Let's not peddle fear and selfishness.

Diana said...

So glad right now. Eyes wide opening, knowing there will be challenges and hurdles, but feeling like we're on track.

Anonymous said...

I have looked around on several sites and saw the fear and hate that people are spewing. That is not me or my style I appreciate a difference of opinion and with your permission I will pop in from time to time but trust me not to often “you may relax”

Tax cuts are not cuts if you are over taxed to begin with. The government does not give me my rights they are and always have been God given. My warnings are fair to you lefties trust me I have a lot of warnings to say to the Rightist also. A government that can give can also take away.

My problems with this bill are these:

1. They are forcing people to buy insurance by fine and threat of jail this is not the America I want. Everyone should have insurance but not by force.

2. They have vilified companies and individuals to sell it to the public. Nice

3. I have shown you how they plan to pay for it. If left alone I do the right thing but when forced I will stand and fight. It is what makes me American.

I appreciate your concern for others but understand there will always be needy there is no total fix Utopia is an imaginary place. I will repeat myself if left alone I do the right things. I do not need a government to tell me how.

Ocean Girl said...

I am staying out, but my son kept showing me news, conversations, videos on the net, so early in the morning when I was busy fixing breakfast. He said he is learning a lot about Healthcare on Comedy Central.

We have a dual medical systems in Malaysia, one is universal government, where you get good treatment but after a long wait. And the second is the private hospitals where you get same good treatment, but with cleaner hospital bed and no wait (they test you for EVERYTHING as you walk in), but the rates are so high and most have to be insured to afford it.

Sophia said...

I have to say that I agree with Ellen. Although this health care plan is a step in the right direction, I AM her example. I have major health issues with my liver and fighitng my second tumor. I had to change health insurance companies after the first of the year and I had to take on a $1,000 deductible JUST so I could afford the premium. I am due for my 3-month checkups and am dragging my feet because I don't know how I will pay for the "new patient" doctor visits, let alone the tests/treatments. Even after my deductible, I will have to pay 20% of every single bill. Previously, with my old health insurance, all I had to pay was a $40 copay per visit. Much more affordable. I fear how I am going to stay healthy and manage to pay my medical bills. =/

Woman in a Window said...

Are you serious? This was couched in the fear that capitalism would fail? I am shaking my head over here. I might hurt my neck I am shaking so much. But then if I do hurt my neck, I can go to the hospital...for free. Ha!

It can work. We can both take care of one another and make our all powerful dollar. We just can.


Villa-loredana said...

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Sarah Laurence said...

I’m so, so happy about the Health Bill! I only wish it would cover everyone.

Cloudia said...

Do come over and see the video at my post tomorrow. you will love it!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Villa-loredana said...

Hello dear, spazzatura is dust bin, you can also said immondizzie = garbage. In my case I put in the jar all floss (sewing, knitting) etc. With love Loredana.

Eleonora said...

Oh Rosaria.

The battle is not over yet, there are still obstacles to overcome.

But it's a damn good start.

(Take a look at how the healthcare system works in Italy. Limping, yes. But accessible)