Sunday, January 3, 2010

Traces of life.

Even if we have not made new resolutions, maintaining our current status requires heavy maintenance. Sometimes, it takes all our energies to go through the day in one piece.

I'm not complaining.
Not now.
Not now that I'm retired.

I'm actually tasked with too much time on my hands.
Too many hours of leisure.
Too much food to be consumed before it spoils.
Too many blessings to list in my nightly prayers.

I have the time to be engaged in as many activities as I want.
I have the luxury to pick and choose.
I can say no to chores.
I can spend my day any way I want.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. And that's the time to write my memoir, to retrace my steps, to tell my story before it all becomes a blur.  It's the time to share the journey of my life before my life requires heavy duty maintenance again.

If you feel like it, and you have the leisure to read, you may want to follow me:

If you are in your senior years, you too ought to retrace your steps, leave breadcrumbs of memory for your grandkids to map your journey.  They are not likely to sit down and listen now. They may not be interested in your story until you have passed. But, you wrote it down, and it will be available when curiosity strikes. 

So, start today:

Tell it in your own words, while you have the time, while heavy maintenance is still in the future.


ellen abbott said...

That's one of the reasons I started my blog. My plan is to print it out and have it bound for later readers.

Madison said...

I wouldn't want to scare my family.

Tessa said...

How perfectly you express the contentment and joy that life brings to us all if we look beyond the routine of day to day maintenance! I'm so excited to read that you are starting to write about your life adventures so far. I can't wait to join you on your retrospective journey.

As for the future, I hope the New Year brings you love, laughter and many more wonderful moments. And thank you, lakeviewer, for being such a very special blog friend. You are, without doubt, an inspiration. xx

Renee said...

You teach me things everyday.

I wish you lived beside me.

Love Renee xoxo

Beth said...

I envy your time! :)

Ji said...


thank you for the insightful notes.

sharing is caring,
have a lovely day.
I appreciated your visit to my place today.

Brian Miller said...

nice. that is why i started my blog as well, to leave breadcrumbs for my boys to follow, one day.

Helen said...

Dear Rosaria,
I learned during the years I cared for my mother the importance of recording my life (mistakes and all written in a reader-friendly format!) I would want them to read it after I'm gone as Madison says 'I don't want to scare them'

As for this time in my life ... I'm with you! Freedom to do what I want, when I want, too much, not enough ... it's heaven!

Enchanted Oak said...

What joy, Rosaria, to be the captain of your ship! We live very frugally so that I don't have to work outside the home, and when I'm not on a writing assignment, I do what I like. It is a great luxury and blessing.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I wish I could retire.... My memoir writing is going very slow.

willow said...

My dear 93 year old grandfather wrote down his memoirs before he passed alway two years ago. They are such a treasure!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, how absolutely wonderful!!!! I can't wait to share in your memories!!! What a great new beginning to the year!! Count me in...I'm on my way there now...Love, Janine XO

Maggie May said...

The main reason I try & write my blog is for a record to be kept to pass down to the grand children who may or may not be interested.

Nuts in May

Man of Roma said...

I'll be there, Rosaria, over at your memoir blog. Let me pull myself together after my trip in Sicily.

And yes, buon anno nuovo cara Rosaria, a te e tutti i tuoi cari!

Parlo di te nel blog del caro Costo.


Ribbon said...

Brilliant Rosaria....
a very generous thing to do for yourself and others.

best wishes and I look forward to following.


Monkey Man said...

Not in my senior year, yet. I may write a little history, just for family. Private.

Lori ann said...

That's a wonderful idea, and so generous too. Someday may not come for some time, but the writing is the only thing that matters. Good luck with the new blog.

Eva Gallant said...

Part of my reason for blogging as well!

Twisted willow said...

You're absolutely right - we should take the time to record things about our lives that might be of interest to our children. I'm trying to do it by adding notes to scans I'm doing of old photos going back to my childhood. I find I need something like a photo to act as a prompt to my memory.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

I like your resolution that you wrote at Oasis today...stay healthy stay healthy stay healthy! I couldn't agree with you more. Health is what makes writing and interest in life possible! That's why I want to eat more vegies and fruits! I'm writing a bit of a memoir, too. I think it's a wonderful project, R. Take care!

Sophia said...

I love reading your blog and all that I have learned here. Your wisdom is a treasure to me. Your love and support during this time of my life means so much to me as well. Thank you for who you are. May this coming year bless you in ways you could not have comprehended. You deserve it.

Much love. xo

Rob-bear said...

Ironically, I'm not retired, but am already in a high-maintenance situation. I am writing things for my children and grandchildren — but it is slow work.

Nancy said...

Great idea. I'll come to read with a cup of tea and some time to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful idea, Rosaria. I finished mine 'A Family History' just before I began Blogging 'needed something to fill in all those hours'. Number one and only Son is going to print and bind it for me [one of these days].

I have dipped into it from time to time on my blog.

the walking man said...

I have been leaving the breadcrumb trail for nigh on forty years now. They will find and consume it as they will. But you are correct LV, best to leave a bit of personal history behind so they know where to pick up the trail.

Velva said...

Awesome! I hope to be as blessed as you someday.

Happy New Year to you!

Butternut Squash said...

What a good place to be. I am looking forward to the tales you have to tell.