Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All the world is a stage....

And the props necessary for the production:

The top picture is the award I gave myself, a basket of sticks and old boards. It represents how we look at things in the middle of a crisis. We perceive our world as old and decrepit, full of rusty nails and beaten up driftwood. It is the state of self-pity and broken hearts. Fortunately, that wood can be easily burned in the fireplace.

Then, some good soul comes along and drops a banner at our door. It reads: creative blogger award. Darn, I can't wallow in my misery any longer. I must carry the banner in the house, make room on the coffee table, clear the clutter so this prized symbol can be appreciated and invite others to join in the celebration.

The Creative Blogger Award was joined by The Friendly Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blogger Award. They came at the right time too, between the despair of winter storms, and the splendor of Spring blooms. To the lovely ladies who appeared in my life at just the right moment, thank you.
Six months ago I did not know so many women had such strong hearts, and determined spirit: Cheryl, Angela Regada, Lola, Meredith, Tessa, Karen, Angela from Usedom, Mandy, Linds, Reya, Mary, Sarah Lulu, Lori ann, Fhina, Cherie, Martha, Kikit, Mervat, Shadow, Delwin, Natalie, Renee, Helen, Saretta, Valeria, Valerie, Erin, Janine, Beth, Siobhan, Michel, La Belette, Sallymandy, Boots, Carol, Polly, Edith, Rose Marie, Katherine, Elizabeth, Ribbon, Shadow......and many more with generous hearts and kind words.
I apologize if you do not see your name among those listed.
Some of you follow me regularly; some are followed by me. We see and hear each other in the blogosphere, reading each other's comments. We are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of occasions with each other.
You know me as Lakeviewer. My real name is Rosaria. But the part I play is not to be confused with anybody else. Humans are good at these things; identifying characteristics that differentiate us enough to be remembered. And we are good at working together toward common goals. There are bloggers with vision and passion organizing campaigns everywhere.

These awards are free and available. Take one and all, click and save. You know what to do.

However, the sticks and boards, are strictly seasonal, for another time, another stage.

I've left out the men. On this stage, few men can compete. Those who do, have charm, intelligence, endurance and other appealing qualities. I'll have to dedicate a whole post to you guys, and produce appropriate awards as well.

This stage, unlike those where auditions can be senseless, cruel and depressing, this stage is warm and accepting, and offers equal opportunities. to people across the world. Many languages and cultures are shared through words, pictures, symbols and stories, adding new expressions to our vocabulary, new information to our knowledge pool.

Albeit a global recession, a crisis of confidence, and a collapse of many industries, blogger continues to produce the plays we're all so engaged in.
Now. I need to pop in and see what has been posted last night.

Play On!


Frankofile said...

Congratulations on all the awards. You have a gift for friendship. (As well as working hard at it!)

potsoc said...

Carissima Rosaria, I am most happy to see that you seem to have overcome the initial shock of D2. You are back to your usual self...and that is very good not to mention the best medecine. I'm sure that husband of yours will be the first to feel better.

lakeviewer said...

Hi Francofile,
Thank you for visiting and leaving me a friendly nod.

Hi Costo,
I'm fine; as you say, the initial shock of D2 has not clipped my wings. We are eating better, walking more, and have figured out many strategies for coping with this new life stage. Thanks for visiting.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Women are great aren't they/we?!!

I'll let you off for not mentioning me ;-))

Renee said...

I love the play on. Reminds me of Nathan playing street hockey and after a car would go by they would yell game on.

You are one of the unique ones. You, we all know and love.

Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...


Your blog has been a treasure to find and I am glad to see the awards shining brightly at your place! It was such a nice surprise that you mentioned me here, as I feel just the same about you and the sweet folks who take time to drop by and say hello and leave a few words.

The recession has kept me home much, much more, but perhaps you have a great point about blogger!

lakeviewer said...

I have to add a few names to my list of wonderful women who have been generous and thoughtful to others:

Joanne,Jinsky, Moanie, Jo, Sarah Lulu.

One of these days I'll actually figure out how to create links embedded in the post.

Thank you ladies, and please, accept my apologies.

Twisted willow said...

Thanks for looking in on my blog. Good to see that despite your recent medical traumas you're fighting through. Also pleased to see that we mere males will have a place in the sun on your blog in the future. I'm sure we deserve it!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Bless you Rosaria,
I was only being a naughty tease though! But thank you :-)

By the way, your name is a lovely one.

Reya Mellicker said...

What a lovely post!

One other award you should give yourself is the GREAT COMMENTS award. You're SO good at dipping in and finding just the right thing to say about posts. I marvel at that skill of yours.

As for the sticks and boards, I believe in the midst of a crisis, we drop down into our brainstems, to a survival place that's more about fear and instinct than cortical function.

Sending much soothing energy and love to your limbic system. You have every right to be freaked out right now. And, too, you'll process this and figure out how to get through the crisis.

You'll get even smarter and more humane because of it. You will. xx.

lakeviewer said...

Twisted Willow----
It was a pleasure finding you up in Ireland. Our part of the world was colonized by strong Irish blood,bringing their farm skills, animals and the ubiquitous gorse. We love everything, even the gorse. If you know a way to deal with it, let us know.

I want to call you Sunshine, because that's how I find you on my stage. Thanks for your patience.

We can become depressed by bad news, or grow a few more brain cells and find solutions. All we know about this medical condition is still circling around us; we take a step at a time, literally and figuratively. Thank you for your concern and lovely compliment. About my so-identified knack for commenting: I was a teacher, managing to read and respond to as many as 100 compositions a day. I developed laser eyes and quick -quill responses.

I would like to add Willow to the list of good folks who were in the back of the stage, preparing for the next act. I'm losing you ladies.

If you are reading this, and know that I know you, do remind me, please.

Kikit said...

Thanks for including my name in the list. I never expected it since every time I visit your site, I feel like I'm the last one to comment. :)

Thank you for following me Rosaria. For a newbie to be followed by an educator, it means a lot. :)

Tessa said...

And SO well deserved, lakeviewer! I can just see them all stacked up on your coffee table like a pile of treasured books. Thank you, too, so much for including me amongst that list of blogging luminaries - it means such alot coming as it does from you. As others have said before me, you are the shining star we follow. Your comments on our blogs are always so well considered and deeply thoughtful. I love seeing your name on my comments page because I know it will be something of infinite value.

I'm truly thrilled to read that you and your DH are coming to terms with the dreaded D2 - although I expected nothing less from one as feisty and intellegent as you! As my daughters are wont to say - you rock, lakeviewer, big time!

Hilary said...

A lovely, thoughtful and generous post. You're a breath of fresh bloggie air. :)

Your comment on my blog about trying to follow made me laugh. I'm unsure what to tell you. I never even intended to show my followers on the blog. Blogger had its own ideas. Thanks kindly for trying to click on it. Perhaps it will work next time.. if it doesn't bark. ;)

Michel said...

YAAY! My name was in there! (Or, it was a typo! EITHER WAY, I'm taking it!)

I totally needed that stick, by the way....

What a great post. Thank you!

Lola said...

In my last comment to your previous post (or the newest, I am backtracking on my reader, having skipped a blog day) I forgot to add Maithri's link, in case you still haven't visited him. It's

Ciao sweet friend. You are incredibly generous, and as far as I'm personally concerned, my own lovely blogPetrarch, my muse and my favorite Maestra.

Gran said...

Congrats on the awards!

Ribbon said...

You are very loved :-)

best wishes
Ribbon x

Natalie said...

Just heartwarming, making me go all smushy. :D xx♥

jinksy said...

Your top photo I find to be a delightful composition - could hang it on my wall to admire any day...

Mervat said...

You know Rosaria (such a lovely name) you deserve the award you gave yourself the most! Congrats on the others too. And thank you for mentioning me.

I admire your strength and resilience, respect you as a teacher and regard you as a friend. Thank you for that.

A Cuban In London said...

Your award is well-deserved. Congrats. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Woman in a Window said...

Rosaria, perfect. We all come from such common things. And yet it is what we do with our sticks and our misc bits that matters. We sometimes prop one another up on that stage. I think we become more real, perhaps more worthy in the touching of one another. So glad to have met you. And yes, congratulations yet again.

Delwyn said...

good morning,
you do a fine job of educating us, entertaining us and throwing thought provoking questions at us...

Keep up the great work...

Thank you for the mention in your network of women who weave stories and friendships.

Happy Days

Anonymous said...

I know, I know, I'm one of the men and you women are having a moment here, but I had to say that I loved your first photo/award!

Dan Gurney said...


I've seen the comments you've left at Delwyn's and Sarah Lulu's blogs and just today went over to have a look around your blog. I love it. You're a teacher's teacher.

At my last doctor visit I got the "your blood sugar is elevated" speech from my doctor and am now engaged in trying to eradicate my gustatory indiscretions and exercise more—all in an attempt to get my blood sugar numbers down, and, yes, fit into old clothes.

Your posts serve to strengthen my resolve. Thank you for writing them!

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

"There are bloggers with vision and passion organizing campaigns everywhere." ... and you Dear Rosaria are applauded and deeply respected for all you do. Your posts and visits are always a gift.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

All your awards, and plaudits and love, are so well deserved, Rosaria - You are a strong thread, wrapping around us, drawing us together, her on your blog, and entwining with your comments... You fill us with your wisdom and kindness, your strength and your true joie de vivre/joy of life. Grazie, bella Rosaria... (I hope that is right - as you know, I am only learning my Italian through you!) x