Sunday, February 15, 2009

The day after

OH, what a relief to have escaped another holiday of Great Expectations. Today, we took a long walk on the beach,my hubby and I, following the Sixes down to Cape Blanco, a couple of miles of stunning views, watching fishermen sitting patiently to catch steelhead on the shores of the river. Many more fishermen were in boats, up the river for miles, hoping that the opened dunes would help the fish navigate up the river. I wrote about the Sixes on my birthday, a few posts ago.

The temperature was in the mid fifties, no wind, no rain, just sunshine here and there. We spent the morning walking the trails at Cape Blanco, following the Sixes to its end, all the way to the Pacific.

We had made a bucket list before we retired. At the top of my list was a place close to the water. On the husband's list was a place with lots of trees and mountains.

We have both, plus miles and miles of wild rivers and Pacific coastline to explore. Some things worked out. For those of you in your working years,it was not easy and automatic at all. We had to keep on refining and prioritizing. We had to accept defeat and disappointments. We had to forgive each other for just being human.

Looking back, life was manageable. Looking ahead, we know that as long as we can depend on each other's strength and support, life will be manageable. We have many days after to learn from, to guide our steps.


Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

What a lovely post. Your walk sounds magnificent. One of these days we're going to make a trip to Oregon.
We played golf today, but it was extremely tough. It was windy and cold because of the north wind. I was trying a new technique and it totally messed up my swing. I have to get on the driving range & see if I can get better.

janis said...

I agree with Lizz, a lovely post!
My husband & I thought we would be retiring sooner than we will & look forward to relaxing more and stressing less, often we wonder when & if that is ever going to happen! I know, be patient!
Cape Blanco sounds beautiful ( :

Amy said...

What a beautiful day it sounds like you had. Walks like that have a way of detoxifying one's self.

Your perspective on things is interesting and refreshing.

Mary said...

and this is my prayer....'Beam me up Scottie!'

Renee said...

You have each other and that is always enough. xoxoxoxo

Love Renee

lakeviewer said...

Cheryl, Janis,Amy, Mary and Renee:

Thank you for stopping by. May you share all your days with good friends on a lovely walk.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

It sounds like you live in a truly beautiful place - I can recognise it too because I'm also blessed with mountains, trees and sea, it's a magical combination.
And I do so love the sentiment in your closing paragraph - isn't this just so what it's all about.
Lovely post, Rosario!

lakeviewer said...

Thanks for stopping by. When you can, on your site, I'd love to see what your world looks like. Except for one or two movies shot out of Africa, Americans are pretty much in the dark.

Angela said...

Rosaria, yes, this was a very beautiful post, both from your desription and also from your thoughts!
A few weeks ago Nicky took us on a photo walk from her home in one of her blogs. If you can find it by scrolling back, you`ll see just HOW marvellous her place is!! But yours seems, too!