Monday, February 2, 2009

A Stimulus for Everyone

Last week the House passed a stimulus package that seems to please everyone except the Republicans. They are worried that the package is too much spending and not enough Stimulus. I do not have an opinion on the entire package because it is way too complex for me to get it at first reading.

It seems to me that there are two ways to solve problems: 1. get a group of experts and follow their recommendations; or 2. try to please everybody by giving everybody something.

I guess if you have a town that is isolated after a storm, the first thing you do is drop food supplies so the people can continue to live while roads are cleared, power is reclaimed, and repairs are made to factories and homes. If you do not feed the people first, there is no use doing anything else.

How to do that without making them dependent on food that falls from the sky and become lazy and incapacitated? Put them to work on clearing the roads and repairing buildings. This will keep them hopeful, will allow them to feel dignity and pride, and will solve their other problems.

I'm sure the experts will figure things out. In the meantime, from some of us who see hunger and pain on the streets and in the schools, the solution is still simple: keep people alive and healthy.


French Fancy said...

Hello there, thanks for popping by. Will now go and read your 'Top 10 things to do in Venice' because I'm going there in May.

Mary said...

I heard once in the late 70's that the aim of our Gov't was to have a welfare dependent society. At the time I was very young mind you)I thought they were mad - but it seems that a great way to control people is have them dependent on you and indebted to you. There is nothing quite like earning your way through life by work, deed or kind

Natalie said...

Hmm.... tricky one that one.

lakeviewer said...

French Laundry, pick up Venice is A Fish, by Tiziano Scarpa, a lush description of Venice you will find nowhere else. And the city will be more than anything you read about it.

Mary, politicians will posture to make a point, to win supporters, taking and making statements that they know will produce results. Beware of labeling, the cliches of marketing. Most people don't want to depend on anybody but themselves.

Natalie, thanks for stopping by. I'd be interested in your take.

Judith said...

Thanks for your ideas about what can help our country change how it now is.

I also want to leave a thought about Mark Twain. Will see if I can find the place to do it.

And...isn't that Mary just so good to connect with. She brings sunshine without realizing she's doing it.

This is my first time to visit. I look forward to many more.

I can be found at FLIGHT SONG.

Anonymous said...

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