Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Award Display!

It pays to have good teachers:

Thanks to M. and Cheryl and Angela, all accomplished bloggers and good importers of widgets, I received the instructions about posting this award which came to this post via French Fancy.

Here it is. I did it. Don't ask me to do this again.


Mary said...

I'm sorry my dear but over this way we like to think that the proof of the pudding - as to whether you have learnt something - is that you are then able to teach it to someone else. As part of your learning adventure I would like you to prepare a blogging tutorial - that way I get to find out how to handle these widget-me-thingy-bobbies.

There is SO much more I could do with blogging - if only I knew how to operate it properly. Sometimes I feel like I am sitting in the cockpit of the latest super duper 21st century aerial space machine and all I can do is strap my seat belt on and wave to the people on the ground.

So, widgets? Tell me all about them.

lakeviewer said...

Sorry, Mary, I'm just a neophyte in this land of blogging. There are teachers, however, willing to guide you, and infinitely more patient than I would be with technical stuff.

On the other hand, who needs more widgets? We can get carried away with all the spice that we forget the main dish.

Angela said...

Oh, but spice is nice! haha, and I congratulate you on having been able to download it! Also thank you again for inviting me, and by passing it on we made others happy. Nothing wrong with that! And Mary, go to Lizzy, she knows!

Natalie said...

What if you could have it all? A nice,spicy main meal and a hug for desert.! ♥xo

lakeviewer said...

Angela-yes, the award is making many people quite happy.

Melanie-having it all just makes us want more, and more. But, yes, it would be definitely nice. And a sweet hug for dessert will work very well.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Yippee! You did it! I'm so proud of you & I had no doubt with a teensy bit of encouragement & direction you could do it!

French Fancy said...

I'm so sorry to have arrived here so late to congratulate you on having posted the image. There's lots of other tricks you'll be able to do on here soon, I'm sure

Anonymous said...


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