Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you speak bloggeese

The staggering arsenal of jargon generated by computer geeks and geekettes boggles or globlogs my mind. Even as I begin to navigate the waters, I find myself stuck in limbo, between a typing/posting initial episode and a preview/compose/edit final product. This is ridiculous stuff, I say to myself. The whole experience should be logical and instinctive, the fingers should know where to go next. Then, a second later I notice the shortcut prompts: "press Ctrl with:Bold.." Someone is really, really working at his job, somewhere in Google-land.

Before I posted this musing I was distracted by all the new features on the "dashboard"-a word borrowed from another setting to make me feel in charge of what I'm doing, I am guessing, reassuring myself. Now, you think I am protesting, right? Wrong. I'm just commenting that just as I learn to do a new task, someone is busy, again in Google-land, making life easy for me, again. Wrong, again. All this is, in my world, is overload. I am ready to shut down, stop playing with all the children whose idea of fun is to give you a toy, show you how to use it and then rearrange its parts so only the initiated continue to play and have fun.

This is testing my patience.

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Matawheeze said...

I share your frustration! I go to move around the objects on my blog page, a simple drag and drop (jargon!) that somehow isn't. Simple, I mean. We are doomed to live on the margins. Like a grandmother was with cars? She could ride in one but never could master the intricacies of driving. I'll blog on the edges but never design my own hoempage - or even text message anybody.