Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reading, Writing, Growing....

Besides this blog, I write memoir pieces, short stories, poetry, essays and lesson plans. Movies, books, magazines, cartoons, blogs, all forms of communication inspire me. Sometimes, in the middle of a movie, I get this feeling that something important was expressed. I pull out my trusty notebook and jot down the word, the feeling, the phrase.

Just this morning, as I reviewed the cover of the latest New Yorker Magazine, I got an idea for a lesson plan. (Yes, I teach in my spare time, time when I'm not writing, reading, cooking, gardening). So, the lesson plan idea is this: Magazine covers tell a whole lot about the state of things, capturing cultural attitudes, historical moments, popular phenomena. These covers stand and communicate, but we do not explore their significance, do not confront our own attitude and stance within the popular culture.

By writing how these covers affect us, we see our bias and our vision. By confronting we understand. By sharing, we grow.

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