Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tropical days in Oregon

The unusually warm days we have been having are good for tomatoes but are a nuisance to everything else.

We heard sighs all over town; people came out in shorts exposing scary white legs and arms. Ouch! We are outdoor people, usually with many layers of clothing hiding layers of unexposed skin. How can we survive this heat wave?

We moved sprinklers around to help the newly planted lettuces, onions, cosmos and stocks. The trees will do fine, going deeper to get their water; and the birds will look for lakes and ponds.

Hubby prepared Margheritas and chips, and fired up the outdoor grill. We were back in California, only with a better view and fewer people. The ocean roared and spewed, promising cooler breezes coming. We are counting on those promises. We didn't move to Oregon for the heat.

As we vote this week, we will seriously consider the candidates who are serious about keeping our planet safe, green and no warmer than it has already become. Global warming can seriously destroy a lot of life.

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