Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Words, words and more...

What do we sound like if not the sum of all the words we have encountered, the books we have read, the songs we have sung? Like air for lungs, words have been the oxigen to our thoughts. They're inhaled and exhaled, changed and exchanged, refined and recombined.

They are the currency of discourse,flowing easily like a river or crushing down like a waterfall.

And words can be the legacy we leave behind. Unlike gold, or silver, words are abundant and easily available. And like gold and other precious commodities, our words will leave a concrete and substantial heritage to our family for generations to come.

Have you written down the stories and the thoughts that are the sum of your being?

1 comment:

Boodhooram Ignoramus said...

spending currencies sometimes goes wasted. good use of words by experts create values. Yes I read my old blogs too, find many childish errors.