Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The politics of age

I'd like to remind candidates that seniors' issues will become chronic if not addressed. Pensions have disappeared or have been drastically reduced, insurance premiums continue to rise, drug costs are skyrocketing, and services at the local levels have all been reduced. Add to the list the fact that seniors do not live close to their extended families, and you have a major crisis brewing.

Everyone complains about costs, how Social Security and Medicare will become insolvent, but costs can be contained if we had a government that valued human welfare above corporate greed.

How can government allow exorbitant profits to be made by oil companies when people cannot afford the gas to get to work? How can government offer tax cuts to to the wealthy, and complain about the costs of taking care of the needy?

Are priviledge and wealth the currency of human life?

I hope not.

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