Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Signs of the seasons

Spring and ideas get under your skin before you recognize them. The geese are returning to our lake causing the blue jays to sqwack louder declaring 'fowl' afoot. The pines sneeze, and pollen sifts in our lungs.

And then there are the debates and the fight for top job: a woman, an African-American man and an old soldier, each declaring his/her qualifications are best suited for the job. We have not seen women or other minorities vie for top job before. A first for this spring. A surprise and an opportunity.

We crave the promises of spring and renewal. What we really need is the collective judgement of past winters and the renewed promise of incoming springs. We need a collective of leaders we can trust and believe in.

From my corner, I'm glad we get to start anew. And I am glad we have more choices.

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Matawheeze said...

It is so great the blogging has you for a literate and intelligent proponent. We have to be able to bridge the gap from our 'sixties' to this new age!