Friday, December 5, 2014

Grateful for

Nobody at this station tells you how to clean the fish you caught just a stone throw to the left. Nobody anywhere around to show you how to cut, fillet, dispose of entrails, or what to do with the heads of the fish you caught. You're on your own. Yet, something quite logical occurs if the tools are intuitive, as the water basin, platform and trash can are.

Why it is exactly this thinking that got most people to jump in and try BLOGGING.

I started blogging exactly seven years ago in December, when I turned sixty five, and had this desire to write some personal pieces regularly. The trouble was that I had very little experience with computers.

At that time, our old computer had trouble downloading anything. Yet, my husband purchased a laptop for me, gave me a quick tutorial, and encouraged me to keep learning.  Actually, he sent me to the tutorial pages. There I got lost and almost gave up until a friend of mine in a writing group told me about

I found Blogger and started my blog with my first entry on a platform that was easy and non-demanding. It took me a year to discover by accident that if you want visitors you have to have a gadget that allows people to sign up. Within six months I had followers, and visiting enough blogs to begin to notice the rich variety of style everyone brought to the endeavor.

Through a blogger, Dave, a journalist from Melbourne, Australia, I learned the simple (yet difficult for me) task of importing pictures. Discovering other tools took much longer.  When Blogger changed its platform, I got lost.

My learning curve had come to a precipice.

I have admired the ease with which other bloggers incorporate media and enrich their presentations. I tip my hat to them. Sure, I could take a course and have the full arsenal of tools available to me. Perhaps, I will feel the need to do that one of these days.

For now, I am grateful that programmers and designers who work for Blogger understand how humans learn and provide us with easy to follow instructions. My life has been enriched by the contacts and the knowledge I've gained through this type of sharing and learning.

A great big THANK YOU to and the talented and patient staff who support the website that allows me to touch the world without ever leaving the comfort of my home.


joeh said...

I often read people complaining about blogger. I'm with you, I think it is excellent and I never would have jumped into this blogging pool without it.

Marty said...

I've made it so far without any major mishaps, but it's heartening to know that should I need someone, they're out there.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Rosaria .. congratulations on seven years of blogging - I'm about to go into my 7th year next month ...

I've had to have help all along the line - hence mine is still very simple .. but I really need to get comprehending how Blogger works.

So pleased for you and for the fact that your husband was so encouraging .. good for you - cheers Hilary

Maggie May said...

I've actually been blogging for 8 yrs.
The time has gone very fast during that time and so much has happened.
If it hadn't been for my son suggesting I took up this new hobby and him helping to set it up, I would have missed some really good blogging pals.
It's good to hear some positive things about Blogger!
Long may we continue to write!
Maggie x

Sally Wessely said...

Amen to that. I keep thinking I need to give my blog a facelift, but I am totally lost when it comes to doing that. I agree with you. gave me a platform for writing. I never knew it would also be a place where I would connect with others and come to know these people better than I know my neighbors. My life has been enriched by blogging. Thank you,

yaya said...

I haven't had much problem with blogging or blogger and I'm also grateful for finding wonderful blogs like yours that make me think, help me learn, and keep me in touch with others all over the world. Congrats on 7yrs! I hope to continue to enjoy your wit and wisdom for a long time Rosaria!

Tom said...

Only four years here. But it's true, for all its complications and frustrations, blogger is really amazing -- we should all be thankful to those computer engineers.

rjerdee said...

I agree! has been a great window to the world and its design templates make things possible.

Grandmother Mary said...

5 1/2 years for me and what richness has been added to my life. Since I wasn't facile with computers I also feel grateful to for the templates and intuitive features to build and maintain a blog. I also appreciate having blog friends all over the world- where else could such a thing happen? Congrats to you, Rosaria!

fiftyodd said...

It's about 8 years for me - started on a South AFrican site, but not enough ladies my age were into blogging. I am also so grateful to Blogger, although I just stick to what I know. I never change the look of my page - took me long enough to decide on it in the first place. Tell me Rosaria, how on earth did you gather more than 900 followers? Did it happen quickly? I have only climbed to 60. sorry, that was meant to sound admiring not envious.

Hilary said...

That's such a nice sentiment.. to thank the platform that has brought so many of us together. Most of us make sure we're heard when we have a complaint about this free blogging tool but rarely do you hear someone express their gratitude. Thank you for this. And thank you for blogging. Happy Seven Years. Wishing you many, many more.

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