Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's on your "bucket" list?

Bucket lists are ultimate lists, things we all want to do before we die.  This picture, taken at a friend's house reminds me of the bucket list we had back then.

!. Top on the list, traveling!
 Here in this living room, we learned about China and how we could jump in and join the rest of our family, (in the mirror) who were about to take that plunge.  That summer, 2007 our roof had to be replaced, and we never took that China trip.

2. Get Healthy!
This item has moved up to #1. It is not one activity, but a whole life choices of activities, including many decisions that seem unrelated. Buying a new mattress, for instance, comes under this item on the list, as sleeping through the night becomes more and more of a dream.

3. Conserve our money!
This is counter-intuitive! We are no longer wage-earners, no longer anticipating stock growth or big windfalls from promotions. Our expenses seem to get bigger, not less with age. Instead of how do we give away or spend our money, we have to practice frugality. Again!

4.Stay engaged!
When we were working stiffs, our goal was to have enough money to escape somewhere, away from everything and everyone, on a cruise without people, a tourist attraction without tourists. Now, we have to concoct ways to meet new people, make new connections, stay on top of the news, involved with our communities, with worldly issues.

5. Pass on the wisdom.
How do we tell our children to work hard, but not to forgo pleasures and trips that will enhance their lives; how to listen to their inner dreams and make them live dreams.  From where we sit, life doesn't give you unlimited chances.

Yes, the bucket list is now a to do list for Today.
What can I do now!



Brian Miller said...

travel europe
serve in africa
write a book

Anonymous said...

On my bucket list: I need a bigger bucket!

Linda Myers said...

This is a wise post. For myself, my bucket list for last year had lots of travel on it - we took 14 trips in the first year after retirement. The other things I crossed off my list:

Learn to ride a Segway - DONE July 2010
Help build a Humanity house - DONE March 2011
Take mediation training - DONE June 2011
Hear Warren Buffet speak - DONE April 2011

Now, though, I'm mostly focused on getting exercise, enhancing my relationship to friends and community, and taking care of myself mentally and spiritually. I know what I need to do, but sometimes it's easier to behave otherwise.

Patricia said...

Your bucket list is a good example of the stages of life! I can relate to all your items, especially #2 and #4.

Eva Gallant said...

The biggest thing on my bucket list was to drive across country...did that a few months after retirement.

Now I want to drive to Key West, Florida.

And yes, I do need to work at getting healthy!

Anonymous said...

Our priorities change as we get older. I'm with you on this one, Rosaria. Getting a good night's sleep is top on MY list. Without this I can't function.

A very wise post.
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

DavidShag said...

On number 5, I suggest writing down your history in a humorous anecdotal form. The wisdom (or lack of) will flow thru every line. People are not ready to listen while you are still here in many cases, and I know I began to wonder about many of my older relatives long after they are gone. Moreover, while writing you can follow your threads of thought; in conversation there are constant digressions and few thoughts actually get thoroughly pursued from beginning to end. Even when they do, people tend to remember a one-line precis of a conversation and that one recalled bit might be entirely beside the point. Also, one reads at will and when one feels like it, therefore the reader is often more receptive than the listener. And writing - especially writing well - is a good entry for anyone's bucket. Think of how much we know from before our Grandparents' time consist primarily of things that some private person happened to write down - diaries, letters, etc. And put it on paper (or parchment or stone)!

Anonymous said...

To ride a horse on the beach; continue to feel content, to be kinder . . .

She Writes said...

get published
finish degree
teach at a community college
did I say travel :)

Maggie May said...

I should have got a move on when I was more physically able!Now it wouldn't be practical to travel.

I did promise myself I would write a book (though I seem to be spending a lot of time reading others' work at the moment.)

Most of my regrets..... are too late to do now!

Never mind there are still many lovely things left.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

the walking man said...

Someone else had a post similar to this. Like you I am on a fixed income, I (I should say my wife) keeps a tight on what and how we spend, though I am not the spendthrift I was once.

I have done 99% of the traveling I wanted to do after I was discharged in '75. That was two things right there

Ride the back of the ocean (man what a ride)

See North America from corner to corner (never had a desire to see anywhere but home.)

Now with diabetes and 9 fused vertebrae I keep my bucket list short. Go to bed breathing and wake up the same way and living in Detroit everything in between is an adventure.

No one can say I can do this or can't do that and that was the last thing on my bucket list:freedom. Which I have come to find is truly a state of mind.

Be Free that is the next thing on your bucket list as far as I know, free from fear, worry doubt, indecision. And then everything else just falls into place.

dianefaith said...

Travel was once on my bucket list, but I've simply lost interest, or, more accurately, just don't want that kind of hassle any more.
To your 2,3,4, and 5, I'd add:

-find even more time with grandkids
-more involvement with theater and music

Some of the things I wanted, that I've accomplished are:
- a space of my own!!!! This was a high priority, and I now have a small, rickety place that is all mine.
-- a professional degree. I got that at age 60, and it's what eventually provided my hideaway house.
-- to write. I do that with blogs, nothing impressive, but it's writing.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

It's interesting how our bucket lists can change along with our priorities. I really enjoyed this post! My husband and I are still working on ours. Our first priorities, when we retired last year, were to relocate, exercise and do a little traveling -- all of which we have done. Now we're looking for a balance between work and play, between a bit of extravagance and mindful frugality.

Rubye Jack said...

I don't know what it is with me but I've never wanted a bucket list. Everything I need to do is so right in front of my face that I don't need a list. Also, bucket lists seem to be more about what to do with one's excess money and having no excess money I don't have to worry.

Pseudo said...

I like brian's list.

Elisabeth said...

My bucket list tends to be full most of the time, Rosaria. I try to keep it in my head rather than down on paper for fear that it might overflow. But it's a good idea to be aware of it. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of our priorities.

yaya said...

The way the world is going I probably won't ever be able to retire, but I'm going to try my best to enjoy each and every day.

SG said...

Somehow, traveling figures prominently on everyone's lists. Mine too. I wish to travel to different countries and live there for at least 3-4 months like a local.

Step-parent's Cove said...

Food for thought.

JeannetteLS said...

1. Finish my book
2. Publish my book
3. Create enough art to have a showing
4. Have an art showing
5. create a commune with my woman friends
6. find ways to earn money that feed my soul as well
7. volunteer in ways that help the "throwaway" kids.
8. get to Pennsylvania again on my own

I enjoyed this post and the comments made.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Just scratched "Eat at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN" off my bucket list; trouble is I added "Tour the Jack Daniels Distillery" We are on a NC venture and I add as much as I take bucket is full....will it flow over?

Lydia said...

The puzzle you presented in #5 will keep me thinking for awhile.
I want to travel but am becoming more realistic about that probably not happening. I guess right now my bucket list would be to remember to dream.

That gentleman's lady said...

Great thought -- that your bucket list is a "to do" list for today :)


Helga said...

Fumbling around since weeks to join this blogger page has been my #1 endeavor on my bucket list. I'm crossing my fingers that I've been successful this time. I'm starting to doubt that I belong into this day and age of technology.

Helga said...


NitWit1 said...

Good lists. My one goal is to see the Grand Canyon, but our road trip really helped to satisfy that longing.

becky said...

oh, I just wrote a post about an item on my bucket list...a home with a fireplace. Lots of opinions in the comments section about that :)

My bucket list is getting shorter...I want to leave my files and home tidy so my children will find it easy to handle. Get my medical "living will" written. Put the family albums together. Return to London and Paris. Run a 10K.

karen said...

One serious lifetime dream of mine is to see the Northern Lights!

As with you, I have improvement of health on that list, especially as we are not getting any younger!

Of really great importance to me right now is really making the effort to try and connect or meet up with precious family and friends, no matter how far away they might live...

Reasons said...

Good luck with your to do list. It's s true, our priorities do change frequently but it's good to understand our goals.

Cheryl Cato said...

My bucket list looks somewhat like yours. I shall be turning 65 next month and at this point in my life am content to look forward to the next day, enjoy my life with the G-man, and play with Gertie Girl. I really don't have a bucket list anymore; I guess I've done a lot of the things I had on mine. Health & happiness combined is first & foremost.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea! I don't have a list - but I'm trying to make something new and different happen each day for a year. I never know from day to day what it will be. When you're in your sixties life tends to repeat itself, so here's to breaking out!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Visit Rome, Venice and Florence - We were supposed to go this year, but life happens...

I'm not sure if I've been big on dreams, but ought to have been more focused, rather than dwelling in the minutiae of life.

I am so sorry for your loss, Rosaria and I know there are no words as you continue to find your way, with Newkie as your guide.

My love to you, Fhina xxx

shopgirl said...

I feel like I'm already doing some of that now...especially the conserving money part. In Italy it's more of trying to survive on what you make as opposed to trying and increasing your earnings.

my bucket list is just too long....I think I have to cut it down. :-(

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, this is a dream and it will probably sound stupid: I love the song, "Talk to Me of Mendocino" and I would like to go there one day. Yes, if I had the money I would make that long journey - all because of a song.

Cloudia said...

LOVE and agree with your list!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

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Jessica L. said...

I often think of this and how it has changed and will constantly change based on the path life has taken me.....In the end I realized, that no matter what is on my list, the end desire stays the same: "I just want to be content and happy".....and every other day and with every up after a down, I realize that I have and can achieve this....Love this post!

Simon said...

Nice one ....ones bucket list is a wishlist yet to happen but for another a to do list, an action plan for the day, weeks, months or a life time.

This reminds me of a photo I took a couple of weeks ago that should be shared. Got to go do it now.

Thanks for sharing your life.