Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What? Women Issues again?

Between Barbie dolls and horse rides, girls think a lot about their future. A lot.  Girls dream all sorts of dreams, to run companies, to become Speaker of the House, CEO's of International corporations, and even President of this United States.

How is it then that their health and welfare gets to be so controversial now and then?
Whenever human reproduction issues come about, mainly women's health issues, family planning, and other issues involving girls health and future, we begin to re frame these arguments and go back to the different ways we were brought up.

This is not the time to get into a religious war.

By the time your girl is twelve, you better have a set of guidelines to help her grow strong, healthy and unscathed.  Being a girl should not be an "issue".

Education is our first target.  Through education, both boys and girls  should receive basic information of how their bodies are changing, and the choices they will face with their increasing sexualities.
Pure and simple facts.
Parents ought to be the first educators, by the way.

Many poor women do not get health care through doctors and family physicians.  Most of them rely on Family Planning Clinics for information and check-ups.  Making these institutions disappear or lose their funding is denying poor women basic health care at a most precarious age, I might add.

You say the government shouldn't interfere with private issues?
 I say the government is providing a health alternative for those people who need it the most.
 It is voluntary.
 It is not associated with any churches or religious tenets. 
It is a health delivery system.

If you have never visited these places, drop in and see.
You'll be surprised on how they benefit the health and welfare of a lot of women.
You'd be happy to know that your tax dollars are preventing diseases, curing ailments and providing education and information to assist women plan a healthy and vibrant family.


Phoenix said...

Spot on post. This issue frustrates me so much, that women's health care services are treated so differently than men's and is STILL taboo after all the strides we've made in equality. Women deserve the same treatment and protections to their health as men, and the religious values of the ruling political party should not have any sway in what is and isn't covered for women's health.

Thanks for bringing this up, it's an important topic.

Brian Miller said...

amen. and amen. oops that sounds religeous...but it does have tis important place in the grand scheme, but then again so should education...when we are not expanding the empire...

NormalToEatPB said...

the first pregnancy test I ever had was at Planned Parenthood. I was young and poor and did not want my mother to know that there was a possibility I was pregnant. What I found was information on having a healthy baby and free condoms.

Grandmother said...

Oh, for a culture that respects women and children. Planned Parenthood can only be appreciated by a visit and knowing the stats on what they really do, which is provide info, services and the health care that women need, without judgement. I heard a legislator say that Planned Parenthood budget spends 90% for abortions. Would you believe that the truth is actually 3%! And all the rest goes to health care for women that they can't afford elsewhere. Makes me mad! Thanks for addressing this important issue.

dianefaith said...

Great post! Men don't have babies; women do. Men can walk away. And yet, it is often men who make the decisions about what resources are available to us.

becky said...

Yes, it is as dianefaith says...why is it that men are usually the rule makers?

Good post, Rosaria. You're sure to get a good discussion going here.

Kathy said...

As women we must make our voices heard on this subject! It is just ridiculous that in the year 2011 women are still seen as an underclass. We have to take the responsabilty for this ladies. We can vote, we can write, and we can speak out about our health care being dictated by a small, but very vocal, mostly male, majority. Thank you for bringing up such a important topic for women to be discussing!

Michael G-G said...

I appreciate your cogent thoughts on this important issue, rosaria. There is a certain segment in our nation that feels very threatened by a woman having education about reproductive choices.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, too. I see you're from Oregon. Whereabouts? I also took the "Middle Grade Mafioso" name on a lark because of the recent hoo-ha about the supposed "YA mafia." Thought it was too good a name to pass up. But you're right. Now I have to post something!

Best wishes,

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Very enlighting post. Women and children's issues are so important. Thanks for talking about this important issue.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Honolulu

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Eva Gallant said...


janis said...

Bravo Rosaria~
We have had such a "time", here in Indiana with idiots wanting to take away funding for Planned Parenthood. They "claim" PP is primary purpose is to give abortions. They couldnt be further from the truth! My Sis was a Librarian for PP many years and I learned much about how they serve our community.

Maggie May said...

That was a good post.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Joani said...

I 2nd that, AMEN to that, what a great great post. It seems like everytime there is a new session they are taking this up. I thought this was done once and for all a long time ago. And, yet, here we are again. Give us a break! Awesome post.

#1Nana said...

Yep, I remain an advocate and supporter of Planned PArenthood.

ellen abbott said...

I could not agree more. with you and with all the commenters.

yaya said...

I agree with your post also Rosaria, very well written! In our community we are blessed with a wonderful free clinic run by physicians and nurses and others who volunteer services and time for those who need it. No one is turned away. I'm proud of our little town for doing this, but it would certainly be a shame if that were the only avenue available to those in need.

fiftyodd said...

We now have such a huge number of pregnant schoolgirls, that the education authorities gives them special permission to postpone their exams and come back to school. In South Africa they all keep their babies. We have 10 million children growing up without fathers.

erin said...

Being a girl should not be an "issue". so very important, rosaria. thank you for putting it so simply. now, there should be no reason for misunderstanding, right?

separation of church and faith!
separation of church and faith!

just one perspective from someone who lives outside the country, here's a gentle reminder to the U.S. government, separation of church and faith! it seems to me they never actually heard themselves on this one.


Trish said...

What the government is attempting to do with not only family planning but medicare, social security, medicaid and all the other social network program is amoral. Why not cut the pentagon budget? Why are we involve din 3 wars? Why are the richest 2 percent getting tax cuts at the expense of the poor and middle class? Planned Parenthood provides a necessary service.

But it seems that the republicans are trying to push women, the poor, Afro-Americans, and everyone else who isn't a white male into the middle ages.

brian williams said...

I think you'll also find that if you go by one of the clinics in question that they are already painfully underfunded.

In other news, is that girl in the photo "texting" on a horse?

rosaria said...

Yes, that girl in the picture is multitasking, preparing for a career where she can have her cake and eat it too. Perhaps, not while she rides her horse.

Thanks for your comments everyone.
Do speak out for women's health and women's welfare.
We've come a long way, at a price, I might add.
Let's not revert.
Let's not rewrite history.

If it happens, we have only ourselves to blame; we were too busy to care and speak out.
We take care of everybody else.
It's time to take care of us.

the walking man said...

I honestly don't think it was Planned Parenthood as much as a couple of million more they can remove from the social safety net.

But yeah what the hell does any politician do to earn the right to dictate to an individual what is right and wrong for them...especially if they define it in moral verbiage?

RNSANE said...

Amen, Rosaria, for your excellent post. In my 21 years as a sexual assault nurse examiner, Planned Parenthood was an important ally for us in our work. First of all, they often helped new nurses in our forensic arena by allowing us to do pelvic exams, if patients gave permission, so we improvd our skills. Additionally, they often provided follow up care for rape victims who often would not return to San Francisco General because they, sometimes, associated us with the trauma of their sexual assault.

Their services to the indigent poor are so important. From education and help in all areas of women's health, they must be supported, not eliminated!

MI said...

This is an important issue. Thanks for posting.

Menaka Indrani

Vagabonde said...

The problem Rosaria is that the people who need to read your posts, don’t. I have seen women and men here in Georgia who believe 100% believe that Planned Parenthood is only about abortions. If I say that it is not, that 97% of their services to women have nothing to do with it, they say “these are the Liberal figures and we know better.” If I add that by law they cannot perform this service with tax payers’ money, they still don’t believe it (and they don’t want to because this is what they hear in their super conservative churches.) There are many people like this in the US unfortunately.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Yep Phoenix said it... "Spot on post". Good job Rosaria! I giggled at Brian's response. For a bunch of people who don't want government to interfere they are doing just that... interfering with women's lives by trying to prevent basic assistance.