Thursday, June 19, 2008


Writing a blog feels like writing a journal knowing your mother will find, read and comment on it in a public way. It's a bit unsettling, a bit of a tightrope. But, then, that's the prize we pay for going public, for sharing, hoping there are kindred souls out there who will read and appreciate. If only they would comment!

I make a point to respond to any blog I read, letting the person know how I interpret, how I enjoy or am affected by his/her words. Words are penetrating tools, in how far they touch you as well as how long they continue to touch you, much longer than the initial sensation, a lingering that keeps on and on.

And words help to shape our thoughts, our conceptual images of the world. How wonderful when we find a phrase that says what we feel; what a joy we feel when words capture our experiences so clearly.

Words do more than weave or smith or shape or tell or paint or build or...Words expand our very sense of who we are.

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