Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gardening in the rain

I started out walking in the rain, but ended up in the garden, curious about the outcropping. But, there they were, baby turnips, spinach, lettuces, beets and carrots. From my deck I had spied the shoots, the greenery neatly lined up from under the black covers. Then, I remembered how I had planted at the end of the season, experimenting with a winter crop.

The area has always ended up under water until the end of April; but with a new outflow system built by the state to control the lake water level, my garden area could have a chance this year. Except, with the 100+ inches of rain a year, nobody goes out and faddles out in the yard until late spring.

The lettuces, small, crunchy and still very intense in flavor became the first pick. By the time I finished pulling them up, I noticed beets and turnip shoots among the outcropping, begging to be pulled too. Some were too small, and got replanted. But the rest joined the lettuces. These are not veggies sold in stores.

Today, they will be blanched, sauteed and dressed. Spring never came this early before.

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