Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keeping healthy

Everybody I know has the flu, is getting over the flu, or is trying to avoid the flu. Curiously, younger folks are the ones with the first onset of symptoms. When the older ones begin to ache, it is time to shut ourselves in and hope this too will pass. Everytime I am at a meeting or a doctor's office (Yes,we have more doctor's visits than any other committment!)I am careful about my contacts, watching that my hands do not go to my mouth or my eyes. Silly me. Germs are airborne and can take their shot at anyone at any time.

So, I am keeping active, but who knows for how long. It's good to know that people still write blogs while fighting the flu. (My friend on She is just as witty, maybe even more so as she studies the details of her predicament. Her daily postings are my cup of coffee. Thank you, matawheeze!

And to the rest of us, this too shall pass, and we will be stronger knowing a century old bug did not do us in, rather, it helped to conjure up all kinds of juices and hidden gems.

No, I am not saying we now have a muse in the flu; it is more like truffles awaiting a rooting element, a pig of a flu, to dig up and present us with such fine thoughts, flavorful truffles for the connoseurs.

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Matawheeze said...

Your kind words are my ray of sunshine on this rainy day: a bit of aural vitamin D to help give the flu another push in the posterior as it is shown the exit. Thanks, Rosaria. The world needs more folks who can conjure up smiles!