Monday, August 5, 2013

A continental and intercontinental challenge.

This is the view from our house. While it is peaceful and lovely to look at, it is also a lonely place.

We have been house-bound for the last couple of years and are beginning to wish for a change. Any change.  Do any of you out there swap your houses?

How is it done?
What precautions do you take?
What insurances do you carry?
How does it all work?

My husband doesn't think anyone would want to spend time here, too remote he says.
I think anyone who lives in a city would love to spend time on a remote beach.

What do you think?
A swap with an apartment dweller in Philadelphia? Or a villa in Italy? How about a farm house outside of Melbourne?

We are open to possibilities, for one or two weeks, or.....


Brian Miller said... is tantalizing...we have talked about doing it and have many of the same questions that you does virginia sound to you?

now to work out the time off...smiles...

Helen said...

From what I hear, HomeLink is a great resource ... there is a fee, I believe it's $39. References are required, they do a lot of vetting via social networks like Facebook. I think this is a great idea and has potential if all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed.

Amanda Summer said...


You should list your home on VRBO, a website that offers homes and apartments for rent all over the world. I can only imagine that a home with an ocean view would be a very popular destination.

the walking man said...

A bungalow in the most violent zip code of the 2nd most violent city in America?

Seriously I think your husband is wrong, I believe now after having come back from 8 days in the quietest campground I have ever been in, no distractions but the humidity, I believe there are very many Midwestern folks who have never seen the ocean who would love to swap places for a bit.

Precautions I would take would be a background check (if you know anyone on your local police force that would help)

Zip code so you can actually see the FBI crime stats for that area no use in going somewhere to be a victim (try 48205 mine)

Rules, leave the house as clean and neat as you found it. Put your valuables in a bank lock box (both parties) and insurance I would ask my agent about but I think renters insurance for whatever period of time you trade for.

There are web sites for just this sort of thing below is just one I found.

mxtodis123 said...

Oh, I wish I did, but hubby needs to be close to all his doctors. What a beautiful view! But I can see how remote you are.

Meryl Baer said...

Check out the website:
We have done a couple of home exchanges and they have been wonderful experiences with no problems.
You never know who may be interested in getting away from it all, at least for a while!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

I think that's a wonderful idea, Rosaria! I've heard good things about HomeLink.

My husband and I have also rented houses and condos through VRBO with excellent results. That isn't a house swap, but I imagine that you could easily find renters if you wanted to use this service to become a bit more mobile yourself.

I think a lot of people would love to stay near the ocean in your lovely cottage. It sounds great to me right about now -- if you don't mind swapping for triple digit temperatures here in Arizona (not to mention four cats in residence)!

Lydia said...

I just left a note for Debbie at "Traveling on a Budget with Debbie," whose blog no doubt will intrigue you. Her life has been altered by health concerns since I last visited her blog, but she will be a great resource for I think!
This Link

Maggie May said...

The villa in Italy sounds great!
I must confess that I'd be hard put to stay in a very remote place but you wouldn't like where I live in the heart of a city!
People don't generally swop here (not that I know of) except for Social Housing when one wants to Downgrade & the other Upgrade in size. However, it can prove tricky to find the right home in the right area and I don't think there's much choice.

Hope your plans go well if that's what you really want to do.
You do have a lovely view, though.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Linda Myers said...

We belong to and Have had a number of successful exchanges.

Let us know if you'd like to swap for a northern Seattle suburb.

Tom said...

Like Meryl Baer, I'd try seniors home exchange. Heard about it; haven't used it myself. In any case, you shouldn't have much trouble finding someone to take your place -- looks like a beautiful spot!

Debbie Taillieu said...

Hi Rosaria!
Lydia sent me your way for some thoughts on your questions regarding home exchanging!
I LOVE it! I have been exchanging since 2006 with my first exchange all the way to Australia!! You can check out my blog at creativetraveling dot BlogSpot.
I am a member of Home Exchange dot com and it has been wonderful. Other home exchanges I've done were to Provence, France- South Coast of England, Australia twice, Portugal twice, Florida twice, and Washington State twice.

rjerdee said...

Hi Rosaria,
I have friends who LOVE doing the home exchange idea. Definitely something to pursue...I see lots of your friends have suggestions :) I say, go for it! I've been thinking similar ideas but haven't quite made the leap. I LOVED this post and will keep it in mind.
Good luck on pursuing...

Rob-bear said...

Sounds like a lovely offer, Rosaria.

But I wonder about us living in the states and getting appropriate Canadian out-of-country health care coverage. (That can be tricky.) Also, could you stand the remoteness of a Canadian city of a quarter million, that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere? You might even see a few deer walk by, or a cougar, but I think I'm the only Bear on the loose. (Yes, we had a cougar from Montana trot its way up here, probably following various rivers. Cougars are lovely in the country, not so sure in an urban neighbourhood, where dogs, cat, and children would be at risk. This one was discovered only a couple of blocks from our grandchildrens' place!)

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

troutbirder said...

I'd second the comment about VRBO...

erin said...

! ha! i squeal with delight. yes! you should do this! and i would love to be remote but i laugh. i would never put you through this, my life:) but what a risk. this is living, rosaria. i hope it happens for you.


Rosaria Williams said...

Thanks, everyone. You gave me encouraging resources.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Rosaria .. there are plenty of places who manage swaps - good luck with the search ... and I hope you're successful ..

I must say I'd love to stay in your space for a while .. one day I shall get over to Oregon and see your sites ..

Cheers Hilary