Monday, April 2, 2012

Under severe weather warnings

We are used to severe weather here. Every winter, trees topple, electricity goes out, rivers engorge, the ocean breaches the dunes and spills into the lake that separates my residence from the sandy shores.  There are days when white-caps surge like monsters in mythical stories.

These last few weeks, Lake Garrison has risen to precipitous heights, burying my vegetable garden under a thick layer of soot and reeds and occasional fish carcasses. The Elk, the Sixes, Hubbard Creek, and Floras Creek have swollen and erased boundaries, people have had to evacuate taking what they could with them.

We anticipate this kind of weather for a few more weeks.

Schools and businesses have had to close, roads too dangerous, and electricity out in many places: buildings couldn't be warmed; computers couldn't run.
Highway 101 south of Port Orford suffered a major landslide last week; all traffic to and from Port Orford to Gold Beach is down to one lane and forty five minutes delay. Since this is our ONLY highway, commerce, labor and recreation are all affected.

Supplies and deliveries have to be rerouted, adding extra costs of time and energy.

A few years ago similar storms caused damage to the roof of Pacific High School, destroyed an entire wing, and gave students two extra weeks of forced vacation right after Christmas. Since the roads were inaccessible, nobody left town, and most people volunteered to clear debris at the school.

Moose and elk and deer roam about in strange new places,displaced by rising waters.

I took a short walk to the end of the driveway to pick up the paper yesterday. The paper had not been delivered yet, and I was miffed. When I returned inside, I noticed how soaked my socks were.
I have new respect for anyone who works on roads,  transports goods, braves the severe weather.
Those services are most appreciated right now.


Perpetua said...

Gosh, Rosaria, that looks dreadful. I do hope the weather improves for you soon.

Helen said...

Be safe when you venture out .. my granddaughter and her boyfriend have moved to Portland .. more rain than normal there too! She bikes everywhere, hoping it clears up soon in the 'greenest' city in USA.

Brian Miller said... would def be interesting to see the animals out though but i hope it takes it easy on you as well...that can create lots of safe

The Broad said...

Take care,Rosaria and keep warm -- and dry!

Roberta said...

It doesn't seem to matter where we live does it? We all have horrid weather to deal with at some point! Take care please and stay dry!

Kaye George said...

Hope you and yours stay safe! Looking forward to hearing updates!

Sightings said...

I hope you enjoy the drama of nature without having to experience the tragedy of nature.

Maybe you should come to the East Coast where the weather is more benign! (Just teasing.)

Hilary said...

Yikes.. that's disturbing to see. I hope you stay safe.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Wow, Rosaria, that really is wild weather! I do hope your vegetable garden survives the flooding and that the sun will shine again soon!

Vera said...

Crikey, but you having it rather rough at the moment! Hope the sun shines for you soon.

musicwithinyou said...

take care Rosaria, I agree when we get cut off from being able to get things, it really makes you think about all those who are out there doing this everyday. I have friends that live out that way and should ask them how close do they live to that area but I think they live more inland.

yaya said...

I hope you are doing OK. I imagine that you have a good storage plan for food and water for this kind of event. I hate when we lose electric for any length of time. When you started saying you walked out to get your paper, I was sure you were going to tell us you encountered a moose or some other animal! Please be careful and I do hope it gets better soon!

erin said...

we forget the world is wild, don't we? we've got to keep respecting it and those who keep us safe)))

best to you


Rob-bear said...

Ah, yes. The "joy" of winter storms. Causing havoc for everyone.

I'm so sorry that you're caught in this right now. High nuisance value. But you've been through it before, and haven't moved out, so the station must be tolerable. I trust that the covered garden can be reclaimed.

Erin is right. Its a wild world out there, and we are the interlopers, aren't we.

Eva Gallant said...

I sure hope the weather improves for you soon!!

ds said...

Such weather is Nature's message to us and we should heed her warning. Stay safe, rosaria!

g!oW said...

There seems to be many more bad storms in recent years everywhere. I am so afraid of tornados, I don't think I'll ever get used to them.
Take care my friend and be safe.

the walking man said...

Yep seriously take it easy and just be, clean up can wait. I wonder though was it always that way in the PNW or has it gotten harsher over the past twenty years?

becky said...

You put up with a lot...and do it with good humor. I guess you knew the risks when you selected your home. Sounds like an adventure...however, things can go terribly wrong, too.

Take care!!!

cheshire wife said...

If only all that water could be moved around more easily. In parts of the UK we have drought conditions and a hose pipe ban.

Keep dry.

NitWit1 said...

I am reading your blog while watching the massive tornadic loaded thunderstorms pummeling DFW area where I once lived and where I still have friends and relatives.

As soon as it has passed, I am calling some people. However the same storm is expected in parts of Arkanasas, where rain and severe weather is in the forecast for the next 3 days

She Writes Here Now said...

You are getting hammered by the rain. I agree, it is amazing who braves the weather on the Oregon Coast when it really gets ugly. Be safe!

#1Nana said...

We had a beautiful day today. I worked on the flower beds and planters. We get the next storm tomorrow. I'm so tired of rain.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I hope you stay safe and your garden can recover.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

rosaria williams said...

For those of you you wonder:
1. Hubby and I had no idea of such storms before we moved here.

2. We consider ourselves "hardy" enough to handle such inconveniences for most of the season. We escape to Southern Cal. most winters. This year, Hubby's health kept us in place.

3. There are stories about weather that go back for more than a century. The original Lewis and Clark's voyage to the mouth of the Columbia (way north of here) resulted in the expedition being stuck for months because of the weather. So, those who ended up colonizing this place had enough warnings.

4. We accept the rain and the storms and have developed all kinds of copying mechanisms. Just count the number of breweries sprung out from our pristine waters!

This minute, early Th. morning, we are dry and sunny. Another storm is brewing out in the Ocean and will arrive shortly. There is enough time to pick up meds, take a walk, and collect the trash cans on the street blown out by last night's storm.

Yes, after every storm, glorious days of thanksgiving.
Thanks for the visit.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Weather whereever we are is what comes with the territory and we can adjust to live with it or within it. We knew it would be winter here, but this last year was almost like our time in No.CA, with so little snow. Still it is good to have an escape plan. I would have loved that northern coastal, but Jerry not. Glad to hear you are weathering about :-)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Rosaria .. I hope it's not still ongoing - those sorts of times are terrible .. but we could really do with the rain here - not much help I know!

Look after yourselves that's the main thing .. cheers Hilary

Phoenix said...

Stay safe and dry out there! I hope services resume shortly, there's such a sense of helplessness when our day to day services stop running smoothly.

oceangirl said...

Yes I hope it is not still going and you and family are safe and well.

Christina said...

Weather whereever we are is what comes with the territory and we can adjust to live with it or within it. We knew it would be winter here, but this last year was almost like our time in No.CA, with so little snow. Still it is good to have an escape plan. I would have loved that northern coastal, but Jerry not. Glad to hear you are weathering about :-)

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