Friday, July 31, 2009

An open letter to Congress from an Oregon Grandmother.

Dear Congressmen:

You are in Washington to speak for us. We want you to know that every word you speak against universal health care, every stand you take to change the conversation, to muddle the waters, to create theater, may be the difference between living and dying for many of us.

Life is already difficult for many seniors. I retired on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast where there are no pharmacies, and we all must travel by car 28 miles to refill our prescriptions. During our wet, windy season, roads are often icy and interrupted by downed power lines and debris. In the last six years, two of our doctors retired or moved, and we had to go farther to find adequate care.

There are many towns without doctors, hospitals or pharmacies. This situation is difficult enough. When you add the cost of these services, and the cost of insurance, many people in rural and isolated areas are being ignored. The cost of doing nothing is a death sentence for many of us who cannot afford to move, who cannot afford the price of medicine, who cannot afford annual check-ups, who cannot afford hospitalization.

I'm beginning to tire of all the talk in Washington. An enormous amount of my fixed income pays my insurance premiums and covers prescription medications. How much of your income is dedicated to health care? Whom are you representing besides the interests of lobbyists that have bankrolled your election bid? I never expected, after a lifetime teaching children, that my health care in my golden years would swallow up my hard-earned pension.

What we need from Congress is a program like Medicare, for all citizens. How is it possible for Canada, England, France, Italy, to have universal health care? What do we have to do to keep our priorities straight? In the richest country in the world, people are bankrupted by their medical bills.

Insurance companies are providing nothing for free. Their bottom line is profit. Nobody is covered adequately. If we provide health coverage the way we provide education, police and city emergency services, we would have a healthier nation.

Regardless of your political affiliations, you have the responsibility to represent the wishes of the citizens you represent back home. Do you know how people suffer back in your district? When was the last time you discussed the cost of health care for average folks in your home district?

I hope you get to know who we are and what our stories are. I'm sure, with that knowledge, you would commit to solving the health care problem in America.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Good one, lakeviewer!

Amy said...

Go, Grandma!!

Lori ann said...

An important letter Rosaria. Tomorrow I'll write to congress too.
Is it possible to get your meds in the mail when the weather turns?

NitWit1 said...

I rarely comment on specifically religious or political issues except to reference my posts:

(1)involving a specialist visit GONE RIGHT post. The post involves one private care physician, and three specialists. My private care physician and gynecologist led me to believe I was headed toward surgery; my oncologist said "wait a minute" and the endocrinologist said vehemently NO! I am happily taking an inexpensive Vitamin!

Specialists are being maligned and targetted these days. A private care physician cannot possibly be GOD, although in my 36 years as a pharmacist, some perceived themselves as such.

Here is a post where I acknowledge my perception of the prescription medicine dilemma.


I have already written my Congressman and Senators. I have heard from one with a form newletter. SURE! they are listening. I'll remember that next year when I vote.

Angela Recada said...

Bravo Rosaria! You can add Germany and Brazil to your list of countries with a national health care system.

Brian Miller said...

nice. i am glad she sent it. many voices will be heard...

Anonymous said...

Well done Rosaria! Now if everyone could write to their Congressmen and say that it is your vote that can keep him there or get him out...Good luck to you all.


Winifred said...

Good for you. Grandmas of the USA unite! The written word is powerful!

Healthcare is a fundamental right and you're correct in saying it's a national disgrace that the richest country in the world doesn't have good healthcare for every one of its citizens. Shame on those politicians who reject it.

Our NHS isn't perfect, it gets abused and the demands on it are increasing. But it's there for everyone rich and poor. We couldn't have afforded to pay for open heart surgery for our son when he was little and then later for my husband. Private medical insurance exists here too but it's useless once you're really ill. All it's good for is queue jumping which is a national disgrace.

Maybe you should start marching like they did for Civil Rights. Aren't your health care rights just as important.

Best of luck to you all, you deserve it!

ellen abbott said...

Here's the thing in this country...the people that have don't care a whit about the people that don't. What does that say about our national identity, our national morals? Nothing very nice I'm afraid.

Lola said...

Brava Rosaria. Important and Urgent.
Congress needs to be flooded by letters like these.