Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waiting for the Sun.

I'm sitting in this quiet spot, waiting to gather enough strength to return to my garden chores. I can sip coffee here, watch the ocean in the distance, admire the work that is slowly progressing. The trouble with having a vision is finding the perseverance to achieve that vision regardless of intervening events.

Like weather. Weather that is still too cool and too wet.

It has been so cool that my bean starts and pea starts are barely growing. I could show you; but then, you too would feel discouraged.

So, I'll continue to weed, pray and sing out loud for the sun to show its face:

The sun will come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There' ll be sun.

If the ground doesn't warm up, nothing will germinate.
Now, those of you living in lush tropical areas will take gorgeous pictures of your veggies and flowers and make me feel better.

Please, please, tell the sun to spend more time on this side of the planet.

I have a major investment here.


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Rosaria...I'm so sorry! I promise you I would share this 93, humid,
sunny week we are having if I could. I just came in from watering flowers and I'm burning up!Seven O'Clock and it's still 93!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Your neck of the woods can be so cold, and wet!! You have an amazingly positive and optimistic outlook in spite of the weather which could so easily dampen your spirits!!!! I'm all admiration!!! Love the song from Annie! as well!!! Hang in there!!! ~Janine XO

Ribbon said...

mother nature like a lot of us just doesn't like to be controlled.
We are having the opposite concern. No rain and still warm for what is supposed to be winter.
It's very pleasant weather, but not for gardens with no water.

Your yard/sitting area looks very inviting. I would find it difficult to leave such a beautiful spot.

best wishes

Pyzahn said...

I feel your pain. The flatlands has also been plagued with mucho torrents of rain. We've had a little warmth, but sun loving plants are giving in to fungus. Even my beloved apple tree.

At the nursery where I work we have thrown out so many plants with root rot that it just breaks my heart.

Do the reverse of an Indian rain dance! I'd send you sun from here, but there's not much to spare.

Take heart. It will turn around and you'll be eating peas and squash before you know it.

Woman in a Window said...

Let me tell you, from my lush humid tropical climate of minus fricken freezing, I've only a few seeds in yet. More on the weekend. This year is disheartening for the vegetables but rather nice for the sitting.

Gaston Studio said...

So sorry your starters aren't getting the sun and warmth they need. I'm sure you've thought about starter trays and there must be a reason you're not using them but it might make for less stress.

I'd love to sit there and have coffee with you! Sigh.

Gran said...

It's warm and sunny here; I hope you get some warm sunny days.

Natalie said...

Now look! i have had a word to the sun, and he has agreed to visit, but he said he has to come via Rob Bear's house in Canada. It seems he was crying just a little bit louder than you, but don't worry, it will there momentarily.xx♥

Sarah Lulu said...

Praying for sun for you ...we get tooooooooo much here usually.

I think that space looks so peaceful ....relaxing ...gorgeous.

Man of Roma said...

We'll all tell the sun to come to you Rosaria!
Don't you have much sun in Oregon?
And, by the way, can you watch the sunset from your lovely spot? The ocean coast over there should be westward.

sallymandy said...

What a lovely view of your house.
I know what all that moisture out there can do for a garden (well, I think I do), and I feel your time is just around the corner. It's so fun keeping up with your vision of your garden. Good work!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Oh my! I am looking at this spot where you sit and sip your coffee and I can just smell the air and the trees and the grass. It is horribly hot here and my potted plants need water several times a day. And it's only June! I would love to visit Oregon one day.