Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Era

President-elect Barack Obama addressed the nation last night and set a new tone for the White House. Changes are coming. Yet, we all feel a sense of peace and resolve, a wonderful sense that things will be o.k. now.

For the last eight years the Republican Party's tactics and policies have marginalized too many people and concetrated power and wealth among few. The economy had been slipping, and the tax cuts for the wealthy have not helped.

Opportunities and sacrifices await, two wars, economic slump and a planet in peril.

Our addiction to news and polls will wane. We'll become active, roll up our sleeves and mold the new America. We'll become informed and committ to be watchdogs.

Most of all we are ready to work hard.


eggs mcgeez said...

happy day!

Alice said...

I am a 19-year old student in Ireland who followed the American election quite closely. In the run-up I thought Barack Obama's speeches were the most inspirational things I had ever heard, and ever will hear.But I was wrong. What is more inspirational, what makes me almost more emotional, is the attitude of so many ordinary Americans who say, like you have, that it is time to roll up their sleeves and get to work together. The attitude that, "well, we've elected him now, it's his problem now. We can sit back and relax" just doesn't seem to prevail as I had expected. I will admit that I have been one of the so many Europeans that up until now have tainted the majority of all things American with my view of Bush and the current Republican Government.
But now I feel that America has so much positivity that we could all learn from, and I sincerely hope we do.
I have enjoyed reading your blog and will add it to my followed blogs if you don't mind :)

Take care,