Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah, Michelle, Cindy and Hillary

It's a good day for women. A good year, actually. We are meeting strong, intelligent, accomplished women in both parties. We are parading them and comparing and setting them up on stage like novelty items, new Barbies to admire.

And they have history and substance and style to boot.

What we are forgetting is that the choices we have made already, the real candidates who have been vetted for the last eighteen months are Barack Obama and John McCain. Regardless of the women they are associated with, or choose to have around at this time, a convenient time, indeed to have women lend substance in some way or other, not just for decoration or trophy, I might add, but to draw out a whole bunch of votes, regardles, these men are our candidates and will run the country for us.

We only get to choose once every four years. For Most of my life time, people with money and prestige have had access to power. For a miniscule state race here in Southern Oregon it would cost upwards of ten thousand dollars for starters. Who has that much money? Or who has that much influence and popularity already that he doesn't need people with money to support them? Whom are we kidding? Money is the currency and will always be the currency.

This time, though, it is different. We have a candidate in Barack Obama who has no connection to money or Washington lobbyists, someone who knows how to organize an entire country, millions and millions of people to donate what they can to elect a candidate who is free to be the people's choice, not the oil industry's, not Wall Street's, not the insurances'. not the Military complexes'. We have never done it before. And we will never be able to do it again.

We have a candidate who has the concerns of small towns, families, the economy and the environment. The Republicans can talk all they want; but they blew it big time, under McCain's watch. The environment, the economy, the lack of responsible government, the lack of appropriate response to people's plight and emergencies. And they lied to us all. They duped us into a war to fatten the wallets of their cronies, who were given contracts without bidding, who are running shameless and lawless operations in Iraq . And let's not forget the DEFICIT, THE SQUANDER OF RESOURCES.

No wonder they are parading with new flags and new chants. They are the sane people. Let's have change we can believe in.

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