Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama has my vote

I am concerned with some democrats who expected Obama's speech to do everything plus have those code words that other politicians have used in the past and we have come to anticipate. One member on the democratic blogsite Hot Curry complained that Obama didn't ask for his vote. Some things are UNDERSTOOD! Obama has asked us to change Washington, to get involved intimately with this and all other elections, to be the change agents in our own lives.

So, to Hot Curry, examine the entire message from Obama. I agree, certain code words are standard verbage. But as a life-long learner of English I can tell you that the message can get lost when we insist on cliches and code phrases. And that's what you are doing, with due respect to your passionate point of view.

Obama will be speaking and sending out many messages. And some of them will feel like canned phrases we have come to expect. But let the Republicans do the swiftboating and the nitpicking. We democrats have higher standards of conduct and communication.

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