Thursday, January 10, 2008

adjusting to a life without work

The first thing that will strike you after you retire is the way your mind feels about your new freedom. For the first weeks and months, you will feel as though you are on vacation, jumping into activities that are relaxing and do not require you to expand a great deal of energy. You will be tempted to schedule adventure outings to your neighborhood stores, theaters, attractions, revisiting them as though you are visiting for the first time, with enthusiasm and energy.

You might even jump in and plan out of town vacations right away, leaving all old activities and projects behind. But at some point, two, three months after you have not left for the office, you will start to examine your life, looking for the permanence and security that your old life had.

Now, at this later point, you are ready to listen to your inner voice.

Au revoir

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