Friday, July 26, 2013

Old Fashioned and Fun

There is always something to learn. Here, another gadget to experience.

Yep, there is a survey that can reveal your chances for making it to the good place!

Lines everywhere, some with their own sound systems!

This is Thursday, seniors get in free day!

Many displays and competition trophies!
 I might have to test my abilities one of these days.

This young lady and young man are waiting with their animal for the judges to come by. Spectators were welcomed to come up close, and then put some bids on the animal of their choice. Yes, pigs, goats and steer are auctioned off right after the judging. The winners pay up and arrange for their prize to be butchered and delivered to their front door ready for the freezer the next day! Never will you find yourself so up close and personal with your next bite of steak!

The Coos County Fair, July 25, 2013, in Myrtle Point, Oregon.

All fashioned food, fun, displays, 4H demonstrations, and auction of youth-raised animals. To my husband, who spent a great deal of his childhood in the western region, this felt just like his childhood. To me, each stall, each character, right out of central casting. Yep, this is small town rural America.


Brian Miller said...

smiles...very cool...we love going to the fair...and all the 4H kids with their animals and baked goods...we hang out at the animals a stuff...we dont really have a great fair in town...when we lived in MD we had an amazing one....

ds said...

Brings back memories of my own childhood, spending days at the County Fair...the Fat Lamb sale was a big event. You see food differently when you have looked it in the eye. Thank you for this, rosaria.

yaya said...

I had never been to a county fair until I moved to our little town. I'm from Chicago and I know that there are many county fairs out in Ill...I just never went! I entered a few photos I had taken and even got a 4th place on 2 of was fun! We usually go and make a date night of it and even have the same food each year. We always see folks we know and just enjoy the time. Glad you have a nice one by you and it's great to get in for free!

erin said...

we have an annual agricultural fair here too. when my children were younger we would enter the competitions, cakes and jams, pickles and creations. up until last year i would enter a photograph of each child into the photography competition. it was wonderful. and we have the strong agricultural aspect to the fair, as well, although now that the children are older they favor the rides. i feel alive and well at such events. it's right to be this close to community and nature.


Maggie May said...

That was a good all round trip to the fair. Always good to know what is going on in other far off places.
We are a bit too far in the city but we do have these agricultural fairs regularly on the outskirts.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

the walking man said...

When we used to have a state fair it was much like that but then some governor some time ago said it wasn't worth it. *shrug* So when you bid on the beast does that include the butchering too?

I would have to ask 1 question before i could take the 2 question survey--"will you define heaven?"

rosaria williams said...

Mark, you contract-right at the fair- to have the animal butchered and dressed for an additional dollar a pound. The whole transaction is easy and quick. What's fun to see is the love and attention the animal has received throughout its life from a youngster that learned responsibility and commitment at the same time.