Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You must remember this...

Do you find pictures of yourself you don't remember anything about?
This is me, or a woman with the same stride, hair color, size and general build.

It must have been taken a few years back, when Brian was still alive. The clue is my son's dog, Butters, behind me, stopping to sniff another dog. My son must have taken this picture with his phone, when I wasn't watching, his object to chronicle Butters's better pursuits.

Butters was just a year old or so.

(I found this photo as I perused the downloads from his phone after his death.)

I can tell you that we walked, Brian and I, all through his neighborhood, and with his dog. I remember attempting to hold on to her leash with determination because she had a habit of grabbing the leash and playing tug with me. It was not a game I enjoyed with such a strong young dog. My son, on the other hand, enjoyed his dog's strength, agility, playfulness.

I worried out loud about this habit. He reassured me that he had all under control.
Grown up children don't know everything, I thought.


Maggie May said...

They don't do they?
Lovely to share that photo. I expect that it made you rather sad to suddenly come across it.
We have no idea of the way things are going to work out sometimes.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Brian Miller said...

cool you found it...and my mom still has stuff to teach me for sure...smiles.

Rhodesia said...

What happens to Butters? Have a good day. Diane

rosaria williams said...

Diane, the dog was adopted by a neighbor boy who had dog-sat her on many occasions. Thanks for asking.

Maggie,sadness comes and goes, for this reason, for no reason.

Brian, and mothers, grandmothers love to give advice!

Tom Sightings said...

Nice photo, nice memory. Have you ever tried the gentle leader to help control your dog? Works pretty well for us (unless a car happens to drive by, and then all bets are off!)

Rob-bear said...

Every guy needs a dog. Glad Brian had a good one.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Georgia Stromer said...

Brian must have enjoyed the walks shared with you and Butters. So happy he took this picture and that you have it. I am sure he must have treasured this picture.

the walking man said...

Seeing as in my branch of the tree I am the oldest one I guess I get what I got. 3 kids who pretty much stay as far away from the city as they can.

No they don't know much of anything actually.

ellen abbott said...

since I've always been the picture taker, there are few pictures of me once I grew up.

Lydia said...

I thought of you today, Rosaria, on Mother's Day. Am sure you are being strong. But I thought you still might like this:

troutbirder said...

True enough. I know all about a strong dog and a willful son...:)

Hilary said...

We all have much to learn.. hopefully. The photo is an unusual glimpse into your dear son's perspective at the time. A treasure, I'm sure. Hugs to you, Rosaria.