Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whale migration

Off the coast of Oregon, hundreds of whales are swimming south to Baja this week.

When we moved to this coast, we spent hours at the beach, eyes fixed on the horizon, hoping to see a blow spray. We were always rewarded with glorious demonstrations, blowing and circling close enough to be visible without instrument assistance.

But this is not just a December activity in this part of Oregon. Whales can be spotted all winter long, often close to shore, enjoying our mild weather and abundant seafood. Our school children spend a lot of time studying marine environments, delighting in the discovery of small and big animals on their field trips. No wonder the idea of digging for oil off shore did not receive enthusiastic support.

While the rest of the nation is in a winter freeze, we watch storms and whales migrating.


Matawheeze said...

Chris and I will be at Cape Blanco Tuesday to Thursday, 10 to 1, huddled in the car to survive the elements, hoping to spot some whales and point them out to the tourists. Come say 'hello'!

lakeviewer said...

How generous of you to volunteer as a whale-watcher guide for Cape Blanco. We get to see whales right off Agate Beach and Paradise Point, walking distances from our house on days when the wind doesn't scare us. Even our daughter's dog, here vacationing with us this week, gets spooked by the wind and the torrential rain. Thanks for the invitation; I'll keep my options open.