Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The writer's life

In our writing group, two men and a dozen women who tend to come and go, we appreciate each other's efforts and recognize that any time, any minute, the maladies that afflict one will afflict us all, maladies as self-doubt and lack of inspiration. These are the dreaded ones.

They are virus, actually, surfacing now and then and blooming for weeks and months and even years. We know what we must do and remind each other to continue to write, and continue to believe in our own unique way of expressing experiences and beliefs.

Just as it happened in kindergarten when we loved all the new things around us, the letters, the words, the foods, the tactile experience of sharing close space with strangers, and we looked forward to the pleasures explored in that room, so it can be again, each time we write, each time we share with appreciative friends and helpful supporters.

Then, self-doubt will remain a dormant virus and writing will continue to be joyous.

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Cheri Block Sabraw said...


I love this post. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words. Finding inspiration is sometimes the most difficult aspect of writing for me.

It sometimes seems as if everything has been said.

Thank you.